Friday, 3 May 2013

There ís a place like home

If you look at the lyrics of this "bird song" you can do nothing but conclude that if ever a text was confusing, it is this one. It says that there is no place like home but everyone reads it as that there is such a place. Well, beats me, language is a complicated thing. Or is our brain fooling us? In any case, this is going to be the fourth and last post showing the homes where I live(d). If you want to see the previous ones, please look here for number one, two and three.
Post #3 ended with our house on the Rembrandtweg in Amstelveen. We moved to the southern part of the same village on February 1, 1988. There we bought half of a socalled 'two-under-one-roof'. 
De Zon Amstelveen
32 De Zon, Amstelveen
We lived there very happily for a little over 20 years. In case you want to see the inside and the garden, please see the very first blog I ever wrote, in 2008. That was when we wanted to sell the house. Unfortunately the asking price that you see there is not the price for which it was sold eventually. 
Already for a number of years it was our intention to move to a quieter part of the country, preferably near the beach. So in 2007 we found a condo in Castricum, just 3 miles from the coast line. We moved there on November 17, 2008.
Triade, Castricum
We live in the red apartment building just below the center of the picture. Ours has an impressive 270 degrees view from almost the east to the north. On a clear day we can see the cranes in the Amsterdam Africa docks in the south east and Krommenie in the east. And on a not so clear day the steel mill (formerly known as the Hoogovens) in Velzen (south west) as well. Castricum is a lot smaller than Amstelveen. It has some 20,000 inhabitants. In case you are wondering whether such a small village has all the facilities one needs, there is a home for elderly people to the north of our apartment complex and a cemetery immediately adjacent to us. What more can two retired people want?

To be  continued with the houses my wife lived in before we got married.

Both photo's made by myself on Jun. 2, 2008 and Apr. 27, 2012 resp.


  1. It's been a nice series of blogposts from the houses you have lived in, and quite a few I must say!
    I was born in Krommenie by the way, however no memories as we moved to the east of the country when I was only a few months old.

  2. From a small aircraft. Please see 'Flight over Holland' in the right hand margin. Don't forget to switch on full screen, it's nicer and more recognizable.

  3. Good idea for a project. I'd have difficulty accessing some of my previous homes as they are down private lanes.

  4. Sounds intriguing, private lanes.

  5. Beautiful pics! It's interesting to see you were allowed to fly right over Schiphol. The bright bulb fields are beautiful.


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