Thursday, 31 May 2012


De dag begint wat bewolkt, het heeft vannacht in Gien ook aardig geregend. Maar de temperatuur is goed dus via de zuidkant van de Loire naar Orleans. Drukke stad die we dus maar snel verlaten hebben. Aan de zuidkant weer verder en bij Meung de Loire weer overgestoken om uiteindelijk in Blois uit te komen. De afstand Gien-Blois is ruim 120 km, een dagje kassie-an er tussendoor moet ook kunnen. Als het mooi weer is, is Blois een gezellige stad met terrasjes in overvloed (daar meten wij de gezelligheid aan af). Een paar jaar geleden waren we hier ook maar dan in de stromende regen. Ook al door de weer ruim aanwezige zon, nu wat meer zicht op de diverse koninklijke paleizen. Bijgaand een in Blois genomen foto van wat je een dwarsdoorsnede van de moderne samenleving zou kunnen noemen.
Les maisons, les arbres et le garage du parking
We zitten nu nog zo'n 400 km van St. Nazaire af. Dat moet te doen zijn in twee dagen :)
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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hoewel de titel van deze post anders doet vermoeden, hebben we deze route niet in een (1) dag afgelegd. Die tijden zijn voorbij, in 24 uur naar Spanje rossen toen er nog geen autoroutes waren. Tegenwoordig doen we dat anders. Op 28 mei (2e Pinksterdag) naar Maastricht gereden zonder ook maar een enkele file tegen te komen. De volgende dag via Luik en Luxemburg (euro95 €1,31/ltr) naar Metz. Kort daarna van de A31 af gegaan en via o.a. Bar le Duc (ja, van het water maar dat smaakt beter dan het stadje) naar St. Dizier. Ook dat is niet wereldschokkend maar in de zon is het al gauw prettig toeven.
Misschien behoeft de route enige verklaring. Reden wij altijd of via de oostkant of via de kust naar het zuiden, deze keer hebben we besloten om via het leuke deel van de Loire richting St. Nazaire te rijden en dan zuidwaarts. Het leuke deel begint bij Orleans. Dus die kant rijden we op.
Vandaag van St. Dizier via Troyes (viel tegen), Sens en Montargis naar Gien alwaar ze een citroenachtige witte wijn maken. En daar zijn we dus nu. Morgen weer verder richting Orleans. En dan moeten we toch de eerste chateaux eens tegenkomen.
Gien aan de Loire
Nog wel het vermelden waard is dat we hier pas in hotel #4 succes hadden. De eerste drie, allemaal complet. Ongelooflijk in deze tijd van het jaar!
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Sunday, 27 May 2012

My claim to fame

For a summary in English, please scroll down.
Eindelijk! Na 68 jaar is het me gelukt!! Ik sta in de krant. Het is slechts op de 'De Kleine Wetenschap', de wetenschapspagina voor kinderen. Maar wel van  NRC Handelsblad!
NRC Handelsblad 26 mei 2012
U heeft het nog niet gezien? Helemaal rechtsonderaan. De redactie vroeg om door kinderen gemaakte foto's van bv. wolkenformaties die in de ogen van die kinderen iets uitbeeldden. Nou had ik nog een foto liggen, gemaakt op de serene woensdagmorgen van 20 juli 2011. Dit plaatje is gemaakt vanuit ons appartement richting de Hoogovens, zoals Tata Steel hier nog immer heet.
Nou val ik niet echt onder de doelgroep (misschien over een tijdje weer wel) maar dat was voor de redactie kennelijk geen beletsel. Zo kwam tot mijn verrassing het volgende artikel tot stand.
Dus als u mij bij gelegenheid in een misschien wat krap T-shirt ziet rondlopen...
Enne, het is dus niet de energiecentrale in Amsterdam.

Summary in English.
Recently I had the honour of being mentioned in Dutch quality paper NRC Handelsblad. It was the children's page, but still! The editor of the science section for kids was looking for 'natural situations'. Situations that would trigger the imagination of his readers. So I remembered a picture I made about a year ago. It was a smoke column emerging from the Tata Steel mill on a windless morning. To me it was clear, there was a camel in the air, or a lama. A few minutes later the camel appeared to be a fata morgana, it was gone...
In any case, this article will make me famous among friends and relatives. I'll be eternally grateful to the editor.

Update Sept. 5, 2012: 
I would never have thought that there would be a repeat performance! The editor choose to dedicate a full 2-page article about the phenomena of look-that-looks-like-a-... And guess what? Over a half page of my camel! See for yourself:

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Our aircraft (11)

I have this urge to record all kinds of information. Whether this is a useful habit remains to be seen but sometimes it comes in handy. In this post, and the previous ones with the same title, I make use of a list keeping track of all the aircraft types my wife and I ever flew in. Hence the plural title of these posts: our aircraft. During my professional life I also recorded the number of miles we/I flew. The first nine posts in this series are in Dutch but I am sure you'll understand the pictures. I am now coming close to the end of this series. This one and the next and that's it.

In 1995 I was still very much involved in attracting customers to KLM's Cargo Service Center. And keeping them of course. If my memory serves me right, I went to Minneapolis on my way to a Canadian manufacturer of aircraft engines in Winnipeg. (I should have kept track of the purpose of my trips as well!)
June 6, 1995, McDonnell Douglas MD11, KL, SPL/MSP, 4,155/406,515 miles
Photo ex fascination-aviation
Those were not holiday trips. The next day after the meeting I left Winnipeg for Montreal and then onwards to Amsterdam making this a trip of approx. 48 hours in total.
June 7, 1995, Airbus A320, AC, YWG/YUL, 1,120/408,029 miles
Photo ex thestar
The marketing guys of McDonnell Douglas operate just like those working for car manufacturers. They start out with a small (and cheapish?) aircraft such as the DC9-10 (length 32 metres, approx. 90 passengers). And over the years the models are growing and growing until you end up with the MD-90 below (length 46 metres, approx. 150 passengers).
Sept. 8, 1995, McDonnell Douglas MD-90, AA, CHI/YUL, 737/416,298 miles
Photo ex markabbottphotos
The last product developed by no longer existing Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker, is the F70. It is capable of carrying some 80 passengers and KLM Cityhopper is the main operator of this type.
Feb. 22, 1997, Fokker F70, KLC, SPL/HAM, 236/430,898 miles
Photo ex KLM
CHI = Chicago
HAM = Hamburg
MSP = Minneapolis
SPL = Schiphol
YUL = Montreal
YWG = Winnipeg

The captions mention the date of my/our first flight with that particular aircraft type, the aircraft type, the airline prefix, the route and the distance and the total number of miles u/i this flight. Unless otherwise mentioned, the picture shows an aircraft of the carrier with which we/I travelled.
To be continued.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dutch ancestors

I joined Twitter a little over a year ago. Much of my focus was and is on genealogical subjects. During the first nine months of that period I have been running the twitter account of the NGV, the Dutch Genealogical Society. At a certain point I also started a private account but that one was hacked. So I transformed it to the one I still have today: @patmcast. Therefore, I follow a lot of fellow genealogists, archives and other professionals involved in pedigree related subjects. Since the Dutch have a longstanding tradition of establishing themselves all over the world, there are a lot of people with Dutch roots. And many a time I can tell by their surname that their ancestors came from the low countries.
In the course of that twittering year I ran into a number of bloggers with surnames which were clearly of Dutch descent. I have been in contact with some of them to tell them hopefully interesting tidbits about their surname of interest. 
But that number of surnames keeps on growing. So I decided to put them all together so that I know who is interested in what. At the same time it may be interesting to know for bloggers that there are people in their own country fishing in the same pond.
Also, if there are newsworthy things to report about interesting genealogical developments here in The Netherlands, I will let you know through this blog. So if you want to keep track of this, please follow my blog using Google Friend Connect. Or follow me on Twitter.
It is obvious that this survey is not complete. So if you know of a missing blog, please let me know.

All information you see in this post, is copied from the relevant blog. So I assume nothing is confidential.

Sometimes I have assumed that a surname is of Dutch descent because to me that was obvious. But I have been known to be wrong here. Some German surnames resemble Dutch names. The same goes for surnames from Belgium. Some surnames appear in all three countries. So there is room to err...

Today there are 107 foreign blogs shown in this post with a total of 393 Dutch descendant surnames. At the end there is an update section. There you can see which blogs have been added recently.

In case you want to consult a Dutch genealogical data base I can recommend WieWasWie (WhoWasWho). It is by far the most comprehensive one and available in English as well. I wrote a post explaining the use this site.

In this post the surname Timmer appears twice. Below is a picture of speed skating Olympic Gold Medal winner Marianne Timmer and famous soccer goalie Henk Timmer. They were not related, until they got married!

Photo ex De Gooi- en Eemlander
Related or not, surnames mentioned more than once have been printed in red.

Blog name: 40th & Plum
Blogger: Marceline Beem
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Pelt

Blog name: A Young Man's Genealogy
Blogger: Dalton Smith
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Voorhies (probably derived from Voorhees)

Blog name: Abbie and Eveline
Blogger: Kathy
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Melyn

Blog name: AnceStories
Blogger: Miriam J. Robbins,  USA
Twitter id: @kidmiff
Dutch surnames: Bos, Barber, Brinkman, De Haan, DeJong, DeVerre, DeVries, Dolstra, Engbrenghof, Erhardt, Fredenburg (Vredenburg?), Hessels, Hoekstra, Jonker, Memes, Peck, Renema, Sweers, Ton, Tuinstra, Valk, Van der Ploeg, Van Klinken, Vreeland, Westbrook (Westbroek?), Wieringa, Wiersma, Zigterman

Blog name: Ancestors in Aprons
Blogger: Vera Marie Badertscher, Tucson, AZ, USA
Twitter id: @pen4hire
Dutch surnames: Brink, Kaser (Dutch descent for both not proven (yet))

Blog name: Ancestrally Challenged
Blogger: Denielle Radcliff Koch
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Vanzandt, Sanders(?)

Blog name: Ancestral Things
Blogger: Bob Billard
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: VanSinderen

Blog name: Ancestral Ties
Blogger: Bessie, Western states, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Groesbeck (very likely derived from Groesbeek)

Blog name: Appalachian Ancestry Journal
Blogger: Wendy Gregory, USA
Twitter id: @AppalachiaKin (cancelled)
Dutch surnames: Woertman (Workman)

Blog name: Bastians in Texas
Blogger: Stacey Bastian Stewart, TX, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bastian, Bastain (Dutch ancestry uncertain, please see comments dated July 3, 2012.)

Blog name: BlackenedRoots
Blogger: Michael T. Black, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Edel, Van Dalen, Van den Heuvel, Van Twisk

Blog name: Braiding Trees
Blogger: Jodi Roessler, Lexington, KY, USA
Twitter id: @JLRoessler
Dutch surnames: Borstelman, DeBolt, Dehart, DeWitt, Horn

Blog name: Branch and Leaf
Blogger: ljhlaura
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Kreykes, Reitsema, Smalbrugge, Vanden Bosch, Vander Maaten

Blog name: Branches and Twigs
Blogger: Lacey Frazier
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Cornelison (Cornelissen?), vanderGriff/vanderGrippe (van der Grift?)

Blog name: Branches Leaves And Trees
Blogger: Teresa, NE Ohio, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Stier

Blog name: Brett Payne's Family History Home Page
Blogger: Brett Payne, Tauranga, New Zealand
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: de Graaf, de Jager, Schipper, Smit

Blog name: Brooks/Norton Beginnings
Blogger: Janet E. Brooks, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Wetjen

Blog name: Brouwer Genealogy
Blogger: Chris Chester, NY, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Brouwer

Blog name: Casper Kimber Connections
Blogger: Barbara DiMunno, Middletown, NY, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Cortrecht (Kortrecht), De Kay, Koevert, Wellemsen/Willemse/Willemsen

Blog name: Cindy Freed's genealogy Circle
Blogger: Cindy Freed, Columbus, OH, USA
Twitter id: @GenealogyCircle
Dutch surnames: Van Meter

Blog name: Consanguinity
Blogger: Patti Browning, TX, USA
Twitter id: @locogirlp
Dutch surnames: Huls
Further info re Huls/Holsaert on

Blog name: Cress And Westerhouse History
Blogger: Jay Cress, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Holtcamp, Korfhage (Dutch descent not proven)

Blog name: Cross Connections
Blogger: Valerie Cross, ME, USA
Twitter id: @ValerieC24
Dutch surnames: Comegys (Comen Ghysen?, Commegijs?), Teachout (Titsoort?), Van Riper

Blog name: DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy
Blogger: Roberta Estes, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Camstra, Douwes, Ferverda, Harmens, Henstra, Houtsma, Noordhof, Roeloffs, Young, many if not all from Friesland

Blog name: Double First Cousins
Blogger: Barbara McGeachy, Raleigh, NC, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Snyder (also German origin possible)

Blog name: DuSyl Family Lore & History 
Blogger: Kayla, USA
Twitter id: @Kaylagking
Dutch surnames: De Spiegel, Putman, Rijcke, Van der Hurk, Van Haestrecht, Van Valkenburg

Blog name: Dutchgenie
Blogger: Afina, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Broekman, ten Bruggencate, De Haan, Edelman, Gast, Koch 

Blog name: Everything's Relative
Blogger: Cindy, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Horsman (no proven Dutch descent) 

Blog name: Family History Nuggets
Blogger: Kevin Huigens, Berwyn, IL, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Huigens

Blog name: Family Photo Reunion
Blogger:  Carol L. MacKay, Oceanside, BC, Canada
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Colenbrander, Den Herder, Lammers, Leemhuil (Leemhuis?), Vande Berg, Van de Braake

Blog name: Family Preserves
Blogger:  Tracy Meyers, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Buskirk (Buskerk?)

Blog name: Family Stories
Blogger:  Pam Garrett, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Lear

Blog name: Farmgirlgenes
Blogger:  Tracy, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Heinink, Hilbers, Smit, van der Leauw (van der Leeuw?)

Blog name: Finding your Past
Blogger:  Christopher White, East Greenbush, NY, USA
Twitter id: @AlbGraveDigger 
Dutch surnames: Koreman

Blog name: From Here to There
Blogger: Mindy, Elko, NV, USA 
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Coen (Dutch ancestry not proven yet)

Blog name: Garnering Ancestors
Blogger: Sharon Garner, USA 
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Hendricks, Hendrix (both to be confirmed)

Blog name: Genealogical Gems
Blogger: Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, Lancaster, PA, USA
Twitter id: @jeanne_eckman
Dutch surnames: Aukamp, VanHorn

Blog name: Genealogist Journal
Blogger: Jenny Findsen, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Deursen, Van DusenVredenburgh

Website name: Genealogy, Experientially
Website owner: Rosina Lippi, Bellingham, WA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Ennis, Etten, Rozekrans, Schoonmaker ,Van Campen, WestbroekWestercamp

Blog name: Genea-Musings
Blogger: Randy Seaver, Chula Vista, CA, USA
Twitter id: @rjseaver
Dutch surnames: Bloetgoet (Bloodgood), De Vos, Douw, Fonda, Mabie, Mol, Putman (Pootman?), Van Eps, Van Vorst and also interested in Bresee, Dyckman, Sissum, Van Duesen (Van Dusen), Viele

Blog name: GeneaSpy
Blogger: J. Paul Hawthorne, Escondido, CA, USA
Twitter id: @jphawthorne 
Dutch surnames: Loper

Blog name: Generations Past
Blogger: Tina Telesca, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Stegman

Blog name: Getting to Know You - A Journey into Ancestry
Blogger:  Karen Bruynell, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Feller, VanCauwenberg (Geraardsbergen [B])

Blog name: Grafted Together - Dillman and Wright
Blogger: Lisa Dillman Wright, TX, USA
Twitter id: @LisaAWright

Dutch surnames: Spangenberg

Blog name: Haley Family from Jasper County, Iowa
Blogger: Caroline Pointer, Houston TX, USA
Twitter id: @FamilyStories
Dutch surnames: Notaboom (probably: Note(n)boom)

Blog name: Heart of a Southern Woman
Blogger: Helen Holshouser, USA
Twitter id: @helenholshouser
Dutch surnames: Spier, Van Meter, Van Swol, Van Winkle, Voorhees, Vreeland

Blog name: History's Faces
Blogger: Debra Winchell (blog owner) Capital District NY, USA/Drew Blattner (author of this post) Jackson MO, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bosch, de Grauw, Kool, Kunst, Leydecker, Slecht, van Bunschoten, van Garden, van Gorden, (van) Nieuwkerk, van Vredenburg (for more genealogical details  contact Drew Blattner or patmiebies at gmail dot com) 

Blog name: Hylbom Family Ancestry Project
Blogger: Tor Hylbom, Monrovia CA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: DeCamp, de Mandeville, Doodes*, Geret*, Hendricks*, Spier or Speer, van Swol, Vreeland, Wessels*
* probably patronymics 

Blog name: I *think* we're related
Blogger: Sally Mack, New Hampshire, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Dikeman (Dyckman? Dijkman?)

Blog name: Interwoven Family
Blogger: Beth Noble, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Eveleen (no proof yet of Dutch ancestry.)

Blog name: Into the Briar Patch: A Family Memoir
Blogger: Mariann S. Regan, CT, USA
Twitter id: @MariannSRegan
Dutch surnames: Vanderhorst, Van der Loo

Blog name: Jana´s Genealogy and Family History Blog
Blogger: Jana Last, USA
Twitter id: @genealogyisfun
Dutch surnames: Waterman (please see comments)

Blog name: Jax Trax
Blogger: Jacky van Bergen, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Bergen

Blog name: Journey to His Past
Blogger: Brenda Leyndyke, Battle Creek, MI, USA
Twitter id: @BrendaLeyndyke
Dutch surnames: de Groene (Z), de Zutter (Z), Kosten, Leyndyke, Luyendyk, Maasdam, Nelisse (Z), Quist (Z), Vanden Bos (Z), van Oostende (Z), VanOeveren, Verwijs (Z)

Blog name: Karen's Genealogy Oasis
Blogger: Karen Blackmore, Arizona, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: VanNuys

Blog name: Kathy's Gates to the Past
Blogger: Kathy Holland, Northridge, CA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Freukes (no proven Dutch ancestry)

Site name: Kerlen
Blogger: Marguerite Kerlen, Australia
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bondam, Gleichman, Kerlen, Ruys and many others

Blog name: Know Their Stories
Blogger: Erin Lacey, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Beukenkamp, Van den Bosch, Kuul, Strijder

Blog name: Letters from the past
Blogger: Jean Dion, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Amber (Amber)

Blog name: Lewis Family Genealogy
Blogger: Michael A. Lewis, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: DeWolf

Blog name: Life From The Roots
Blogger: Barbara Poole, MA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Douw, Huyck, Oothout, Rinkhout, Ten Eyck, Van Anglen, Van Duyn, Van Ness, Van Nuyse, Van Wicklen,Van Woert, Vroom

Blog name: Lois Willis - Genealogy and Family History
Blogger: Lois Willis, Numurkah, Victoria, Australia
Twitter id: @lois_loiswillis
Dutch surnames: Mulder

Blog name: Malo Family genealogy
Blogger: Kim Richards, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Vandale, van den Dyke (please see Kim's comments in the a.m. link)

Blog name: Marti's Genealogy Adventures
Blogger: Marti, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Kerkhoff (so far origin has been traced back to German village just across Dutch/German border)

Blog name: Mikkel's Hus
Blogger: Charles Hansen, Spokane, WA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Vanderpool

Blog name: My Dutch Ancestors
Blogger: Jane, Fairfax, VA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Hop, Luchtenberg, Morren, Snijder(s), Timmer, Van Beek

Blog name: My Family History
Blogger: Martha Loven, Oronoco, MN, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Hakes (no confirmed Dutch descent), Koopman 

Blog name: Nutfield Genealogy
Blogger: Heather Rojo, NH, USA
Twitter id: @HeatherRojo
Dutch surnames: Hoogerzeil, Lekkerkerk, Ockers, Ooms, Schout[en], Van der Ham.

Blog name: Olive Tree Genealogy Blog
Blogger: Lorine McGinnis Schulze, Georgian Bay, ON, Canada
Twitter id: @LorineMS
Dutch surnames: Barents(en) from Hoorn, Coerte from Voorhusyen (Voorthuizen?) Van Slyke, Van Valkenburg, Vroomans and publications about Post, Bonen and Jansen, Jans, Van Woggelum, Provoost, Van Loon and Goosens, Coning, Kloppers, Cuyler, van Fulpen, van Veen, van Brakel, van der Volgen, Moockers and Post

Blog name: Our Family History
URL: &
Blogger: Doris Wheeler, GA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames:  Carstensen, Cool/Kohl, de Cram, Dircx, Gardenier, Hendrickse, Jans, Metzelaer, Osteroom (Oosterom), Ostrander, Reiniers, Roosa, Van Amersfoort, Van Bloemendahl, Van Ceulen, Van Etten, Van Salee, Southard (please also see comments)

Site name: Quackenbush Family History
Blogger: Erik Quackenbush, Duncan BC, Canada
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Quackenbush

Site name: Rattling the Bones
Blogger: Hiztorybuff, Washington, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Outhouse (Uythuysen), Pastoor (possibly also from Germany)

Site name: Rattling Old Bones
Blogger: Zola Troutman Noble, Anderson IN, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Geist

Blog name: Relative Storyboards
Blogger: Kay Bauman, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Twitter id: @kayzie31
Dutch surnames: DeVries, Bolt

Blog name: Roots of Kinship
Blogger: Larisa Thomas, San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Twitter id: @RootsofKinship
Dutch surnames: Dulk, Noteboom, Nullmeyer

Blog name: Sand In My Shoes
Blogger: Katherine, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Remick

Blog name: Sarah Searches her Roots
Blogger: Sarah Curran Schaal, Pacific Northwest, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Schaal (no proven Dutch connection but shared German roots are possible)

Blog name: Scrapbooking Your Family Tree
Blogger: Monna (Shaw) Davis-Ellithorpe
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Beekman

Blog name: Searchin' for Kinfolk
Blogger: Jim Gill, Versailles, KY, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Emmens, Hendrickson, [witness Snyder]

Blog name: Sheetar
Blogger: Sheetar
Twitter id: @the_sheetar
Dutch surnames: Dijkema, Fijlstra, Jaarsma, Meijer, de Waal Malefijt

Blog name: Smart Family History
Blogger: Peterson Brink, the Great Plains, USA
Twitter id: @smartfamhist
Dutch surnames: Brink, DeWolf

Blog name: Story apples
Blogger: Jackie, Utah, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van De Riet

Blog name: Tales of an aspiring family historian
Blogger: Emilee Diehl, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Post, Van Winkle

Blog name: Tangled Trees
Blogger: Theresa Casteel
Twitter id: @Mzstery
Dutch surnames: Casteel

Blog name: TheAncestorFiles
Blogger: Amy T, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: DeFriez, Pettit

Blog name: The Ancestor Hunt
Blogger: Kenneth R. Marks, Peoria, AZ, USA
Twitter id: @marksology
Dutch surnames: Heyman (Heijman?), Lutgens (no proven Dutch ancestry for these names)

Blog name: The Art of Genealogy
Blogger: Karin Hadden, Michigan, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Hadden, Jekel

Blog name: The Buff Genealogist
Blogger: Chris Wimsatt
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Laenen, Sutphen, Van VorheesVan Zandt

Blog name: The Dead Relative Collector
Blogger: Nicholas Weerts, MN, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Fras, Kleinhans, Kanngiesser (Kannegieter?), Kruse (Kroese?) (Van?) Weerts, all possibly from (also) Ost-Friesland

Blog name: The Family Bible
Blogger: SH
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Holman (Dutch descent not proven)

Blog name: The Family History Fairy
Blogger: Dochiny Wade, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Zijll de Jong

Blog name: The Family Kalamazoo
Blogger: Luanne, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bomhof, DeKorn, Leeuwenhoek, MulderPaak, Peek, Remijnse, Tazelaar, Zuidweg

Blog name: The Glamorous Genealogist
Blogger: The Glamorous Genealogist, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Aken/Van Auken, Van Dusen, Van Garden, Van Shaik (Schaik?), Van Slyke, Van Vechten

Blog name: The Last Leaf On This Branch
Blogger: Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana
Twitter id: @archivalbiz
Dutch surnames: Wersel (Utr)

Blog name: The Mommy Genealogist
Blogger: Camille, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Tolman

Blog name: The Seasons of Time
Blogger: Christine Ruggles, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Vandecar, Van Delor (van de(r) Lo(o)r?)

Blog name: Tim Havenith Family Tree
Blogger: Tim Havenith, Melksham, Wiltshire, UK
Twitter id: @TimHavenithFT
Dutch surnames: Magermans, Ackermans

Blog name: TJL Genes: Preserving Our Family History
Blogger: Travis J. LeMaster, Sweetser, IN, USA
Twitter id: @tjlgenes
Dutch surnames: Claessen, Cowenhoven, Groenendyke, Jacobs, Kroezen, Montfoort, Putman, Simons, Snydam, Van Couwenhoven, Van Huysen, VanderVeer

Blog name: Tracing My Family An Up Hill Climb
Blogger: Lisa, Amish Country, OH, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Dewalt, Huf(f)man, Hof(f)man (there is no proven Dutch ancestry for any of these names)

Blog name: TransylvanianDutch
Blogger: John Newmark
Twitter id: @TransDutch
Dutch surnames: Burger, Burghart, DeWitt, Van Every, Van Iveren, Van Lieuvin/Van Leevwen

Blog name: Travels Through My Past
Blogger: Liz, CA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: DeWinter, Mulder

Blog name: Twigs & Branches
Blogger: PeggyAnn Rowe, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: VanAtta

Blog name: Twigs and Trees
Blogger: Celia Lewis, Vancouver BC, Canada
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Dircksen (m), Dirckx (f) both arriving in New Amsterdam on June 2, 1663 on the ship De Arent; probably they adopted the surname Terwilliger/ Terwillegen/ Tervilleger shortly after. Also Tach, Tack, Van Etten.

Blog name: Unclaimed Ancestors
Blogger: Jodi Bash, Houston, TX, USA
Twitter id: @famatfingertips
Dutch surnames: Brinkman, Dittmar, Hageman, Hartman, Horn, Schoneman, Snyder, VanAmburg and Zeller (both no proven Dutch ancestry. VanAmburg may have been Van Hamburg??)

Site name: Vanderhoof Family History Project
Owner: Terry, USA
Twitter id: @Vanderhoofproj
Dutch surnames: Vanderhoof (Van der Hoeven), Van Vulpen

Blog name: Walking In Their Footsteps
Blogger: Barbara Whiteside, Indiana, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bloedgoet, Brinckerhoff, Montfort, Riker, 

Site name: Wandering Through My Roots
Owner: Rene Baron, California, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Gulick, Stevens

Blog name: Who we are...
Blogger: Deborah Holman
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Spiegel (sofar surname Holman is of English descent) 

Blog name: Wisteria
Blogger: Dawn Westfall
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bolhuis, Katsma (F), Kiel, Molenkamp, Olthof, Timmer (Gr)

Blog name: Zalewski Family Genealogy
Blogger: Brian Zalewski
Twitter id: @brianjz
Dutch surnames: Krebbekx (Z), Van Parijs (Z)

Surnames in red are found in more than one blog.

More American Dutch surnames on the site of the New Netherland Institute.

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