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In the first post on this subject, Home! Sweet Home!, I told you about my motivation to show all the houses I ever lived in. In short, if I don't record my personal history my great great grandchildren certainly can't find it. The last house I told you about in the second post, was the one in The Hague-Loosduinen. It was also the last house where I lived before I got married. After our wedding party we moved to the neighboring city of Rijswijk, to the house where our son was born in 1967. Rijswijk is also the city where my mother was born. So you could say it was kind of coming home again. We lived there from October 29, 1965 to some time in June 1967.
Huis te Landelaan Rijswijk
526 Huis te Landelaan, Rijswijk (ZH)
It is the apartment on the first floor, right in the middle of the picture. It has the brown planters. Shortly before we moved there, I joined KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in The Hague. But some time in 1966 they moved their HQ from the Plesmanweg to Schiphol Airport. So we started looking for a house in that vicinity. But before going there we spent a few months in the house of my parents-in-law in Loosduinen. That was from June to August 15, 1967.
Pisuissestraat Den Haag Loosduinen
88 Pisuissestraat, Den Haag-Loosduinen
This street is also pictured in the previous post. But I took this picture almost 50 years later, the changes are evident. 
Rembrandtweg Amstelveen
372 Rembrandtweg, Amstelveen
On August 15, 1967 we moved to Amstelveen situated just a few miles east of Schiphol. KLM was very instrumental in finding this house. It was a socalled maisonnette consisting of two floors. The lower floor (with the purple windows) was situated on the corner, right above the red car. Our daughter was born there in 1970. We lived there very happily until February 1, 1988 when we bought a house elsewhere in Amstelveen. That made this house the last one we rented. And in the beginning in 1967 it was not a cheap house. I remember that the rent amounted to over 35% of my salary then. But that was Amstelveen for you. Its image then was that of a very prosperous village, the cause probably being the circumstance that KLM pilots were all living there. But by that time that was already history. However, while the crews had moved elsewhere, the price levels were there to stay...
Photo dates
Huis te Landelaan, Sep. 5, 2011
Pisuissestraat, Aug. 24, 2011
Rembrandtweg, Sep. 10, 2011


  1. I think it's a wonderful idea to write about where we used to live. You are lucky to find the places still there and looking good. I did this last year and so many of the houses were gone.

  2. het aantal 'homes' alleen al is indrukwekkend !

  3. Interessant te lezen waar mensen zoal terechtkomen al dan niet per toeval.Je hebt vaak moeten verhuizen, wij maar twee keer en dat is te zien aan de hoeveelheid spullen die we inmiddels hebben verzameld. Misschien tijd om ook eens naar iets anders uit te kijken?

  4. Spending 35% of your salary on rent doesn't seem that outrageous to me. So did you prefer Amstelveen (ie the Amsterdam region) over The Hague?

  5. @biebkriebels
    Het is een misvatting dat veel verhuizen ook betekent veel opruimen :)
    In those days the norm was 17%. And it was not so much a matter of preference. It was a choice between following your work and travelling in a bus for 90 minutes one way. And we choose to live near the KLM HQ.

  6. Hi Peter,
    I was just looking at your home at Amstelveen-Rembrandtstraat and wonder why we never met on the saturday market or the shopping senter.
    Our Home between 1976 and 1981 was a couple of streets further at Molenweg 26. If Gerda put a candle in the window I could see it from my office in the corner of the fifth floor.
    And incidentally, the History of houses can also add a lot of info to one's Genealogy. If you are interested I could e-mail you quite some nice examples of that.
    brgds - Hans

  7. @Hans
    Why we never met at the market or the shopping center? Well, that's easy, those do not belong to my favorite activities, to put it mildly :)
    Going to the HO I biked my way there via the Molenweg. But I never noticed the candle :)
    I know one can dig up the history of houses in say Amsterdam but I am curious to read your example!


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