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Blog statistics 2012

Traffic statistics are all important to major transport companies. Fortunately I can truthfully say that for me those days are long gone. But to say traffic figures are meaningless to me, that would be a lie. As far as they relate to this blog, I am interested in those statistics as produced by Blogger. Because after all, one writes to be read. There is just one question mark here and that is the word 'page view'. I would hope that a viewed page also means that that page has been read. But I am afraid that is utopia. So with that reservation I'll present my 2012 blog statistics. Figures in red represent the change versus 2011.
Judging those figures you have to take into account that 2012 is the first year I blogged all year. In 2011 I started in June. Technically this blog started in 2008 but it remained dormant for some time.

The increase in traffic figures cannot be attributed only to a more regular and year round blogging. I would hope the content counts as well. Three of the top-10 posts relate to my taste for creating lists. Sometimes those lists are completely useless and for my personal satisfaction only. However, some others seem to fill a gap. Three lists in the latter category are the ones on Dutch ancestors, Dutch surname equivalents and persons born in the Dutch East Indies. Together these three posts represent over 20% of the total page views.

Another boost for my traffic is the fact that I joined Sepia Saturday. Each and every week Alan, Kat or Marilyn select a picture. They leave it to the participants to interpret what they see. Subsequently the 'Sepians' create a post which they feel is worth reading for the others. It is a very happy crowd from all over the world that in turn visits all the other participants. Nine times out of ten people also comment. Part of the fun is that I hear of so many subjects of which I truly had never heard of before. Also it gives me an opportunity to write about small pieces of our family history.

Traffic figures may be important, they become insignificant if your blog is the vehicle of something meaningful to someone else. Two of my former colleagues enabled me to write several blogs about old KLM Royal Dutch Airlines pictures. In number 2 of that series "Saved from the dustbin" I published a picture of a Rotterdam family. Dad, Mum and 11 (!) children emigrated to California in April 1947. After doing some googling and further research, I found one of the children. She hardly had any pictures of their departure by KLM from Schiphol. And I had a total of 14! I have never received happier and more grateful emails. You may find those in the comments section of the fifth post in the Top-10 list.

2012 Page views Posts Views/day
Jan 1,095 8 35
Feb 709 7 24
Mar 1,289 9 42
Apr 1,530 10 51
May 3,805 9 123
Jun 3,508 15 117
Jul 3,420 8 110
Aug 3,120 8 101
Sep 3,958 10 132
Oct 5,954 8 192
Nov 4,796 7 160
Dec 5,550 6 179
Year 38,734 105 106
vs 2011 +1,410% +98%

Most popular posts: top 10/2012 Page views
Dutch ancestors 4,927
Dutch surname equivalents abroad 3,106
Our aircraft (12) 500
Born in Nederlands Indië/Dutch East Indies 343
Saved from the dustbin (2) 263
Saved from the dustbin (11) 245
Aansprakelijkheid 190
Combi-namen (10) 181
Saved from the dustbin (8) 177
Onze vliegtuigen (4) 167

Most popular browsers 2012  Page views
Chrome (3) 32%
Internet Explorer (1) 31%
Firefox (2) 21%
Safari (4) 8%
Opera (-) 2%
Most popular OS 2012 Page views
Windows (1) 78%
Macintosh (2) 7%
Linux (-) 6%
iPad (5) 3%
Android/iPhone (3/4) 2%
Origin countries u/i 2012 Page views
Netherlands (1) 23,585
United States (5) 5,868
Russia (2) 2,359
Germany (3) 1,390
France (4) 1,155
Belgium (7) 958
UK (8) 552
Canada (-) 393
Australia (-) 286
Austria (6) 153

Thank you for reading this blog and a very happy New Year to you all! Below the New Year celebrations as seen from our balcony.

Blog statistics 2011

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  1. Well I am a new follower to your blog, and enjoy your posts for Sepia Saturday very much. As a follower I do see your other posts as well! I'm happy you joined with Alan and Kat's Sepia Saturdays. I also don't really understand all that page view traffic either, so many hits of posts being read, with not as many comments to match! It will remain a puzzle I'm sure!

  2. @Marleen, @Jana,
    Thanks for your good wishes. Hope 2013 treats you well!
    There are more things I don't understand about these Blogger stats but I have given up figuring it all out. It's not worth the effort. Wishing you a happy New Year as well!

  3. Hi Peter,
    You contacted me at my blog, The Buff Genealogist concerning the origin of the VanZandt surname. It is indeed Dutch and is believed to have originated in Zaandam although I'm not sure if this has been fully proven. Through the VanZandt line I have quite a few Dutch surnames along with some other lines including Laenen, Sutphen, Van Vorhees, etc. Yes, you have my permission to link to my site. I look forward to reading your blog. Happy New Year!

  4. Happy Nieuwjaar & Gelukkig New Year! So lists attract readers, maybe I'll try that myself sometime.


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