Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sepia Saturday - Belgian postcards

None of my shoe boxes could meet the objectives of this week's Sepia Saturday prompt. It is the picture at the end of this post. It shows an admirably merry bunch of Scottish soldiers in front of their hut on the Western front. So I have to use my own imaginative powers which is difficult enough as it is, so short after the holiday season.
The result of this complicated process is that I can present you with two old postcards bought by my mother in the 20's or 30's of the past century. Like the SS theme picture, they show people in front of old buildings.
The South Station in Ghent, Belgium
Judging by the fact that the tram (on the very right) operates without horses while there is no overhead electrification visible, I think this picture dates from the 1898-1903 period. During that time span trams were battery operated. My only doubt is the bicycle on the left, it looks so modern.
The North Station in Brussels, Belgium
 My ability to date old automobiles is fairly limited. So my guess that the above picture represents Brussels in the 20's is up for discussion.
I realize this is a bit of a meager way to start a new year of Sepia Saturday contributions. However, also grandchildren needed a bit of attention during the past few weeks. For the more elaborate SS submissions please turn to the Sepia Saturday site.


  1. Who needs themes when you can get posts as interesting as this? Happy New Year Peter.

  2. I love the details of the postcards, especially the second one where the cars seem to be driving wherever they wanted. A bit chaotic. There could be blood any minute.

  3. I agree with Alan. Well done, Peter.

  4. Happy New Year, Peter! Some weeks are easier than others ... glad to know that you are having fun with the grandkids.

    The postcards you have chosen are lovely.

    Kathy M.

  5. Family first! That's my rule number one. And your postcards are wonderful.

  6. Oh I think you've done very well, Peter.
    Western front = Belgium - check; Tams and kilts = hats and skirts - check; Bagpipes = auto horns and bicycle pumps - check.
    A perfect start to 2013!

  7. I like the old postcards and the colour of these is real sepia. Peter, have they no postage stamp on the back? That surely will date your postcards.
    Lovely blog, not meagre at all.

  8. The second card has a lot of interesting details.

  9. @Wendy
    You are dead right! :) When did they invent that you had to yield to traffic from the right?
    @Mike LOL!
    Both are blank :(

    Thank you all for visiting!

  10. Photos/cards like this always fascinate me especially when they are from somewhere (Brussels) I've been.

  11. These are both wonderful images because they're full of people. A static image of a building can't compare to seeing people from the past going about their daily lives. A chance to time travel.

  12. I enjoyed looking at these postcards - the people, cars, trams, quiet chaos... all good! Happy New Year!

  13. Hi Peter! Happy New Year! (Sorry I'm late again.)

    If the clothing in the top photo is anything to go by, I think the dates look correct. The woman seated in the waiting spot for a (cart?) is wearing quite a long dress.

    In the second photo, I can see two children with mid-calf length coats - reminds me of "Mary Poppins". That might be around the same time, rather than in the 20s, but I'm not very good with dating vehicles either.

    Nice postcards to treasure in your collection.


  14. Happy New Year, Peter! Both postcards are wonderful, I especially like the second. There is just so much to look at; the architecture, the people, the old cars, etc. There is just so much going on there you have to wonder where all those people were going.

  15. Hi Peter,
    I also love the architecture of these post cards. I'd love to see the inside of the train station. Wonder what it might look like today.


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