Saturday, 14 April 2012

The day the Titanic sank

Today 100 years ago the Titanic sank. On April 14, 1912 at 11.40 pm the ship hit an iceberg. Although 703 passengers and crew were rescued, 1517 people drowned in the freezing cold water. Among them three Dutchmen, one passenger and two crew viz. Henderik Bolhuis (cook), Wessel Adrianus van der Brugge (stoker) and George Reuchlin (director of the Holland America Line). published an informative infographic about one of the most (in)famous disasters ever. 

Update 8/24/2012: Our dear Canadian friends Diana & Tim were the first (again!) to send Jeanne a card on the occasion of her birthday anniversary. On behalf of Jeanne, thank you very much, not only for the card and your good wishes but also for the magnificent stamp!

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  1. Peter,

    Het blijft een heel moei "BLOG" en alle diverse onderdelen zijn ieder op zich weer heel gpoed en leuk om te zien en lezen.
    Wat natuurlijk heel mooi is ,is het uitzicht van uit jullie onderkomen op de besneeuwd daken can castricum

    dank veel succes met de verdere uitbreidng
    Keep it up
    Diana ane Tim


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