Monday, 12 August 2019

Remember Ranchi!

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I published a blog post in 2015 about the 'baby ship' Ranchi. At that time it was 65 years ago that the P&O liner arrived in Amsterdam from Tandjong Priok.

Recently I was visited by producer of radio programs Joost Wilgenhof. He is looking for information about the a.m. baby ship, the SS Ranchi. Joost is making preparations for an exhibition about this trip of the Ranchi and its passengers. Next year it is 70 years ago the Ranchi delivered its passengers in Amsterdam. The exposition is planned to take place in Amsterdam's smallest museum called 'Perron Oost' (Platform East).
The photograph below, made by Ben van Meerendonk, was found in the archives of the International Institute of Social History. It triggered his curiosity about this ship and the trip it made to the Netherlands. By googling 'Ranchi' Joost stumbled upon my blog and contacted me.

Obviously it would be wonderful if there are readers of this blog who recognize themselves or persons shown on this photo. If so please contact Joost at joowilg at xs4all dot nl or me at patmiebies at gmail dot com.

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Do you recognize persons in this picture made on the SS Ranchi?
This picture is published under license CC BY 4.0
Ben van Meerendonk 4.0 International
And here is another picture made on board of the Ranchi on September 25, 1950. It is published with the kind permission of the Dutch National Archives.

Do you know anyone of the persons shown?
CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
Public Domain Dedication

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