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Blog statistics 2013

Blog statistics 2014
With the year 2014 just on the other side of the horizon it is that time again, time for the compilation of my annual report. This statistical survey needs to see the (short) light of day. Fortunately the world does not consist of stats and figures only. But if you are a "list man", which I am, publishing this survey is nothing less than an obligation. Why? An obligation to whom? Well, that's a good question, next question please.

To provide you with these statistics I use the figures published by Blogger. Some of these figures are published in two different places. Take for instance the page views for each post. They are shown in a top 10 list and also against each individual post. They should be the same but they aren't. There is a possibility to indicate whether you want to include or exclude the page views you cause yourself. I always exclude those so that cannot be the reason. In any case, I publish what Blogger tells me...

The best of Sepia Saturday
In 2012 I joined Alan Burnett's happy crowd of Sepia Saturday bloggers, one of the best "blogging decisions" I ever made. It was a tremendous stimulus to write a weekly post about subjects that are close to my heart. However, in 2013 I said goodbye to them. Why? Well, I feel that if you participate, you have to go all the way. In this case that means that you have to read the blogs of your fellow Sepians and leave a comment of some sort. Usually there are at least 30 interesting blogs to look at. After almost a year that appeared to be too time consuming. Most of the time it took the better part of a weekend to accomplish this task. So, much to my regret I had "to resign". But occasionally I drop in and have a look at the blogs of some of my "old" friends. During one of those visits I read that Alan proposed to have a book published to celebrate the 200th week of Sepia Saturday. Every Sepian was welcome to join. So I did together with close to 70 fellow bloggers. I am now the proud owner of The Best Of ... For those interested, this piece of virtual  literature can now be ordered in a tangible form. Just click on the link hereafter and become the proud owner of a book that soon will be a collectors item. The price is € 7,56 excl. shipping or whatever that is in your currency.

As you can see in the stats below, my depart from Sepia Saturday and other circumstances caused a dramatic blog production drop. But I hope you will agree with me that apart from blogging there are also other things in life worth pursuing. With this profound remark I invite my dear readers, to have a look at the figures and see what y'all accomplished in 2013. Thank you very much for visiting my blog! 

2013 Page views Posts Views/day
Jan 6,505 6 210
Feb 5,398 5 193
Mar 4,990 5 161
Apr 4,262 4 142
May 5,754 6 186
Jun 5,311 12 177
Jul 3,814 0 123
Aug 4,426 4 143
Sep 3,068 0 102
Oct 2,834 1 91
Nov 3,160 2 105
Dec 3,143 3 101
Year 52,665 48 144
vs 2012 +36% -54%

Most popular posts: top 10/2013           Page views 
An American Moor in Leiden 434
Sepia Saturday - Sales Promotion 367
Dutch born abroad 326
Home! Sweet home! 303
Orie's, all-in the family? 292
Sepia Saturday - Snow 283
Sepia Saturday - The watchman 253
Sepia Saturday - Auntie Miriam 234
Sepia Saturday - Words, words, words 223
My coat of arms 187

Between brackets last years ranking.
Most popular browsers u/i 2013 % Page views
Chrome (1) 30%
Internet Explorer (2) 29%
Firefox (3) 22%
Safari (4) 7%
Opera (5) 6%
Most popular OS u/i 2013 % Page views
Windows (1) 78%
Linux (3) 7%
Macintosh (2) 6%
iPad (4) 3%
Android/iPhone (5/6) 2%
Origin countries u/i 2013            Page views
Netherlands (1) 39,544
United States (2) 19,006
Russia (3) 5,322
France (5) 4,701
Germany (4) 3,034
UK (7) 1,488
Belgium (6) 1,378
Canada (8) 562
Australia (9) 478
Ukraine (-) 421

All time top 5 most popular posts            Page views
Dutch ancestors 9,462
Dutch surname equivalents abroad 7,716
Born in Nederlands Indië/Dutch East Indies 2,154
Our aircraft - 12 812
Saved from the dustbin - 2 680

In the category First time visits per country it is worth mentioning that this year we passed the 10,000 visitors mark for The Netherlands as well as the 3,000 mark for the USA. From the start in 2008 Blogger recorded a total of 94,000 page views.

I wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014! 
Last year I showed you a home made video of the New Year firework here in Castricum, The Netherlands. This year I'll display one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. It is made by the Hubble Space Telescope and shows the spiral galaxy Messier 106. Speaking of firework ...

Messier 106
Spiral galaxy Messier 106 (click to enjoy!)

Image credits: 
Messier 106 scientias.nl


  1. Een gelukkig en gezond 2014 toegewenst!

  2. Dank je, Marleen. Eensgelijks!

  3. Happy New Year, Peter! That was an interesting collection of Stats. Maybe I'll take a look at mine now.

  4. Happy New Year to you too Peter. I do miss reading your posts, as you always brought interesting topics and photos as well as humor to your posts. This was very interesting too, as I often wonder at times, who are all these folks that pop in, but yet you don't know who and they leave no comment. I just can't imagine stopping by, reading and not saying at least hello, and thanks!

  5. @Wendy
    I look forward to seeing your stats. Always nice to compare with a blogger with a similar interest.

    Your compliments make me blush! As far as making comments is concerned I think it is also a cultural thing. 98% of all comments I receive are made by English speakers. For one reason or another Dutch and others seem to be scared to do this. Why? Beats me.

    @both ladies
    Thanks for dropping in and a very Happy New Year to you too! Keep on blogging!

  6. Reading all the SS posts takes a lot of time indeed...

    That is one magnificent galaxy!


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