Tuesday 15 May 2012

Dutch ancestors

I joined Twitter a little over a year ago. Much of my focus was and is on genealogical subjects. During the first nine months of that period I have been running the twitter account of the NGV, the Dutch Genealogical Society. At a certain point I also started a private account but that one was hacked. So I transformed it to the one I still have today: @patmcast. Therefore, I follow a lot of fellow genealogists, archives and other professionals involved in pedigree related subjects. Since the Dutch have a longstanding tradition of establishing themselves all over the world, there are a lot of people with Dutch roots. And many a time I can tell by their surname that their ancestors came from the low countries.
In the course of that twittering year I ran into a number of bloggers with surnames which were clearly of Dutch descent. I have been in contact with some of them to tell them hopefully interesting tidbits about their surname of interest. 
But that number of surnames keeps on growing. So I decided to put them all together so that I know who is interested in what. At the same time it may be interesting to know for bloggers that there are people in their own country fishing in the same pond.
Also, if there are newsworthy things to report about interesting genealogical developments here in The Netherlands, I will let you know through this blog. So if you want to keep track of this, please follow my blog using Google Friend Connect. Or follow me on Twitter.
It is obvious that this survey is not complete. So if you know of a missing blog, please let me know.

All information you see in this post, is copied from the relevant blog. So I assume nothing is confidential.

Sometimes I have assumed that a surname is of Dutch descent because to me that was obvious. But I have been known to be wrong here. Some German surnames resemble Dutch names. The same goes for surnames from Belgium. Some surnames appear in all three countries. So there is room to err...

Today there are 107 foreign blogs shown in this post with a total of 393 Dutch descendant surnames. At the end there is an update section. There you can see which blogs have been added recently.

In case you want to consult a Dutch genealogical data base I can recommend WieWasWie (WhoWasWho). It is by far the most comprehensive one and available in English as well. I wrote a post explaining the use this site.

In this post the surname Timmer appears twice. Below is a picture of speed skating Olympic Gold Medal winner Marianne Timmer and famous soccer goalie Henk Timmer. They were not related, until they got married!

Photo ex De Gooi- en Eemlander
Related or not, surnames mentioned more than once have been printed in red.

Blog name: 40th & Plum
Blogger: Marceline Beem
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Pelt

Blog name: A Young Man's Genealogy
Blogger: Dalton Smith
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Voorhies (probably derived from Voorhees)

Blog name: Abbie and Eveline
Blogger: Kathy
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Melyn

Blog name: AnceStories
Blogger: Miriam J. Robbins,  USA
Twitter id: @kidmiff
Dutch surnames: Bos, Barber, Brinkman, De Haan, DeJong, DeVerre, DeVries, Dolstra, Engbrenghof, Erhardt, Fredenburg (Vredenburg?), Hessels, Hoekstra, Jonker, Memes, Peck, Renema, Sweers, Ton, Tuinstra, Valk, Van der Ploeg, Van Klinken, Vreeland, Westbrook (Westbroek?), Wieringa, Wiersma, Zigterman

Blog name: Ancestors in Aprons
Blogger: Vera Marie Badertscher, Tucson, AZ, USA
Twitter id: @pen4hire
Dutch surnames: Brink, Kaser (Dutch descent for both not proven (yet))

Blog name: Ancestrally Challenged
Blogger: Denielle Radcliff Koch
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Vanzandt, Sanders(?)

Blog name: Ancestral Things
Blogger: Bob Billard
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: VanSinderen

Blog name: Ancestral Ties
Blogger: Bessie, Western states, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Groesbeck (very likely derived from Groesbeek)

Blog name: Appalachian Ancestry Journal
Blogger: Wendy Gregory, USA
Twitter id: @AppalachiaKin (cancelled)
Dutch surnames: Woertman (Workman)

Blog name: Bastians in Texas
Blogger: Stacey Bastian Stewart, TX, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bastian, Bastain (Dutch ancestry uncertain, please see comments dated July 3, 2012.)

Blog name: BlackenedRoots
Blogger: Michael T. Black, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Edel, Van Dalen, Van den Heuvel, Van Twisk

Blog name: Braiding Trees
Blogger: Jodi Roessler, Lexington, KY, USA
Twitter id: @JLRoessler
Dutch surnames: Borstelman, DeBolt, Dehart, DeWitt, Horn

Blog name: Branch and Leaf
Blogger: ljhlaura
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Kreykes, Reitsema, Smalbrugge, Vanden Bosch, Vander Maaten

Blog name: Branches and Twigs
Blogger: Lacey Frazier
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Cornelison (Cornelissen?), vanderGriff/vanderGrippe (van der Grift?)

Blog name: Branches Leaves And Trees
Blogger: Teresa, NE Ohio, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Stier

Blog name: Brett Payne's Family History Home Page
Blogger: Brett Payne, Tauranga, New Zealand
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: de Graaf, de Jager, Schipper, Smit

Blog name: Brooks/Norton Beginnings
Blogger: Janet E. Brooks, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Wetjen

Blog name: Brouwer Genealogy
Blogger: Chris Chester, NY, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Brouwer

Blog name: Casper Kimber Connections
Blogger: Barbara DiMunno, Middletown, NY, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Cortrecht (Kortrecht), De Kay, Koevert, Wellemsen/Willemse/Willemsen

Blog name: Cindy Freed's genealogy Circle
Blogger: Cindy Freed, Columbus, OH, USA
Twitter id: @GenealogyCircle
Dutch surnames: Van Meter

Blog name: Consanguinity
URL: http://consanguinitatem.blogspot.nl/
Blogger: Patti Browning, TX, USA
Twitter id: @locogirlp
Dutch surnames: Huls
Further info re Huls/Holsaert on http://hulsenet.net/3.html

Blog name: Cress And Westerhouse History
Blogger: Jay Cress, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Holtcamp, Korfhage (Dutch descent not proven)

Blog name: Cross Connections
Blogger: Valerie Cross, ME, USA
Twitter id: @ValerieC24
Dutch surnames: Comegys (Comen Ghysen?, Commegijs?), Teachout (Titsoort?), Van Riper

Blog name: DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy
Blogger: Roberta Estes, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Camstra, Douwes, Ferverda, Harmens, Henstra, Houtsma, Noordhof, Roeloffs, Young, many if not all from Friesland

Blog name: Double First Cousins
Blogger: Barbara McGeachy, Raleigh, NC, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Snyder (also German origin possible)

Blog name: DuSyl Family Lore & History 
Blogger: Kayla, USA
Twitter id: @Kaylagking
Dutch surnames: De Spiegel, Putman, Rijcke, Van der Hurk, Van Haestrecht, Van Valkenburg

Blog name: Dutchgenie
Blogger: Afina, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Broekman, ten Bruggencate, De Haan, Edelman, Gast, Koch 

Blog name: Everything's Relative
Blogger: Cindy, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Horsman (no proven Dutch descent) 

Blog name: Family History Nuggets
Blogger: Kevin Huigens, Berwyn, IL, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Huigens

Blog name: Family Photo Reunion
Blogger:  Carol L. MacKay, Oceanside, BC, Canada
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Colenbrander, Den Herder, Lammers, Leemhuil (Leemhuis?), Vande Berg, Van de Braake

Blog name: Family Preserves
Blogger:  Tracy Meyers, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Buskirk (Buskerk?)

Blog name: Family Stories
Blogger:  Pam Garrett, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Lear

Blog name: Farmgirlgenes
Blogger:  Tracy, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Heinink, Hilbers, Smit, van der Leauw (van der Leeuw?)

Blog name: Finding your Past
Blogger:  Christopher White, East Greenbush, NY, USA
Twitter id: @AlbGraveDigger 
Dutch surnames: Koreman

Blog name: From Here to There
Blogger: Mindy, Elko, NV, USA 
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Coen (Dutch ancestry not proven yet)

Blog name: Garnering Ancestors
Blogger: Sharon Garner, USA 
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Hendricks, Hendrix (both to be confirmed)

Blog name: Genealogical Gems
URL: http://genealogybyjeanne.blogspot.com/
Blogger: Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman, Lancaster, PA, USA
Twitter id: @jeanne_eckman
Dutch surnames: Aukamp, VanHorn

Blog name: Genealogist Journal
URL: http://www.genealogistjournal.blogspot.nl
Blogger: Jenny Findsen, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Deursen, Van DusenVredenburgh

Website name: Genealogy, Experientially
URL: http://www.rosinalippi.com
Website owner: Rosina Lippi, Bellingham, WA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Ennis, Etten, Rozekrans, Schoonmaker ,Van Campen, WestbroekWestercamp

Blog name: Genea-Musings
URL: http://www.geneamusings.com/
Blogger: Randy Seaver, Chula Vista, CA, USA
Twitter id: @rjseaver
Dutch surnames: Bloetgoet (Bloodgood), De Vos, Douw, Fonda, Mabie, Mol, Putman (Pootman?), Van Eps, Van Vorst and also interested in Bresee, Dyckman, Sissum, Van Duesen (Van Dusen), Viele

Blog name: GeneaSpy
URL: http://www.geneaspy.com
Blogger: J. Paul Hawthorne, Escondido, CA, USA
Twitter id: @jphawthorne 
Dutch surnames: Loper

Blog name: Generations Past
URL: http://generationspast99.blogspot.com/
Blogger: Tina Telesca, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Stegman

Blog name: Getting to Know You - A Journey into Ancestry
URL: http://gettingtoknowyou1.blogspot.com
Blogger:  Karen Bruynell, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Feller, VanCauwenberg (Geraardsbergen [B])

Blog name: Grafted Together - Dillman and Wright
URL: https://graftedtogetherdillmanandwright.blogspot.com
Blogger: Lisa Dillman Wright, TX, USA
Twitter id: @LisaAWright

Dutch surnames: Spangenberg

Blog name: Haley Family from Jasper County, Iowa
URL: http://haleyfamilyfromjaspercountyiowa.weebly.com
Blogger: Caroline Pointer, Houston TX, USA
Twitter id: @FamilyStories
Dutch surnames: Notaboom (probably: Note(n)boom)

Blog name: Heart of a Southern Woman
URL: http://heart2heartstories.com/
Blogger: Helen Holshouser, USA
Twitter id: @helenholshouser
Dutch surnames: Spier, Van Meter, Van Swol, Van Winkle, Voorhees, Vreeland

Blog name: History's Faces
URL: http://historysfaces.blogspot.nl/
Blogger: Debra Winchell (blog owner) Capital District NY, USA/Drew Blattner (author of this post) Jackson MO, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bosch, de Grauw, Kool, Kunst, Leydecker, Slecht, van Bunschoten, van Garden, van Gorden, (van) Nieuwkerk, van Vredenburg (for more genealogical details  contact Drew Blattner or patmiebies at gmail dot com) 

Blog name: Hylbom Family Ancestry Project
URL: http://hylbom.com/
Blogger: Tor Hylbom, Monrovia CA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: DeCamp, de Mandeville, Doodes*, Geret*, Hendricks*, Spier or Speer, van Swol, Vreeland, Wessels*
* probably patronymics 

Blog name: I *think* we're related
URL: http://ithinkwererelated.blogspot.com
Blogger: Sally Mack, New Hampshire, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Dikeman (Dyckman? Dijkman?)

Blog name: Interwoven Family
URL: http://interwovenfamily.blogspot.nl
Blogger: Beth Noble, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Eveleen (no proof yet of Dutch ancestry.)

Blog name: Into the Briar Patch: A Family Memoir
URL: http://mariannsregan.com
Blogger: Mariann S. Regan, CT, USA
Twitter id: @MariannSRegan
Dutch surnames: Vanderhorst, Van der Loo

Blog name: Jana´s Genealogy and Family History Blog
URL: http://janasgenealogyandfamilyhistory.blogspot.com
Blogger: Jana Last, USA
Twitter id: @genealogyisfun
Dutch surnames: Waterman (please see comments)

Blog name: Jax Trax
URL: http://jackievanbergen.blogspot.com.au
Blogger: Jacky van Bergen, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Bergen

Blog name: Journey to His Past
Blogger: Brenda Leyndyke, Battle Creek, MI, USA
Twitter id: @BrendaLeyndyke
Dutch surnames: de Groene (Z), de Zutter (Z), Kosten, Leyndyke, Luyendyk, Maasdam, Nelisse (Z), Quist (Z), Vanden Bos (Z), van Oostende (Z), VanOeveren, Verwijs (Z)

Blog name: Karen's Genealogy Oasis
URL: http://genoasis.blogspot.com
Blogger: Karen Blackmore, Arizona, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: VanNuys

Blog name: Kathy's Gates to the Past
URL: http://gatestothepast.blogspot.com
Blogger: Kathy Holland, Northridge, CA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Freukes (no proven Dutch ancestry)

Site name: Kerlen
Blogger: Marguerite Kerlen, Australia
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bondam, Gleichman, Kerlen, Ruys and many others

Blog name: Know Their Stories
URL: http://knowtheirstories.blogspot.com
Blogger: Erin Lacey, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Beukenkamp, Van den Bosch, Kuul, Strijder

Blog name: Letters from the past
URL: http://pastletters.blogspot.com
Blogger: Jean Dion, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Amber (Amber)

Blog name: Lewis Family Genealogy
URL: http://lewisfamilygenealogy.blogspot.com
Blogger: Michael A. Lewis, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: DeWolf

Blog name: Life From The Roots
Blogger: Barbara Poole, MA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Douw, Huyck, Oothout, Rinkhout, Ten Eyck, Van Anglen, Van Duyn, Van Ness, Van Nuyse, Van Wicklen,Van Woert, Vroom

Blog name: Lois Willis - Genealogy and Family History
Blogger: Lois Willis, Numurkah, Victoria, Australia
Twitter id: @lois_loiswillis
Dutch surnames: Mulder

Blog name: Malo Family genealogy
Blogger: Kim Richards, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Vandale, van den Dyke (please see Kim's comments in the a.m. link)

Blog name: Marti's Genealogy Adventures
Blogger: Marti, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Kerkhoff (so far origin has been traced back to German village just across Dutch/German border)

Blog name: Mikkel's Hus
Blogger: Charles Hansen, Spokane, WA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Vanderpool

Blog name: My Dutch Ancestors
Blogger: Jane, Fairfax, VA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Hop, Luchtenberg, Morren, Snijder(s), Timmer, Van Beek

Blog name: My Family History
Blogger: Martha Loven, Oronoco, MN, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Hakes (no confirmed Dutch descent), Koopman 

Blog name: Nutfield Genealogy
Blogger: Heather Rojo, NH, USA
Twitter id: @HeatherRojo
Dutch surnames: Hoogerzeil, Lekkerkerk, Ockers, Ooms, Schout[en], Van der Ham.

Blog name: Olive Tree Genealogy Blog
URL: http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com
Blogger: Lorine McGinnis Schulze, Georgian Bay, ON, Canada
Twitter id: @LorineMS
Dutch surnames: Barents(en) from Hoorn, Coerte from Voorhusyen (Voorthuizen?) Van Slyke, Van Valkenburg, Vroomans and publications about Post, Bonen and Jansen, Jans, Van Woggelum, Provoost, Van Loon and Goosens, Coning, Kloppers, Cuyler, van Fulpen, van Veen, van Brakel, van der Volgen, Moockers and Post

Blog name: Our Family History
URL: http://www.doriswheeler.org/ & http://southworth-southard.blogspot.com/
Blogger: Doris Wheeler, GA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames:  Carstensen, Cool/Kohl, de Cram, Dircx, Gardenier, Hendrickse, Jans, Metzelaer, Osteroom (Oosterom), Ostrander, Reiniers, Roosa, Van Amersfoort, Van Bloemendahl, Van Ceulen, Van Etten, Van Salee, Southard (please also see comments)

Site name: Quackenbush Family History
URL: http://www.quackenbush.com/
Blogger: Erik Quackenbush, Duncan BC, Canada
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Quackenbush

Site name: Rattling the Bones
URL: http://www.rattlingthebones.blogspot.com
Blogger: Hiztorybuff, Washington, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Outhouse (Uythuysen), Pastoor (possibly also from Germany)

Site name: Rattling Old Bones
URL: http://www.rattlingoldbones.blogspot.com
Blogger: Zola Troutman Noble, Anderson IN, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Geist

Blog name: Relative Storyboards
URL: http://kbea831.wordpress.com
Blogger: Kay Bauman, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Twitter id: @kayzie31
Dutch surnames: DeVries, Bolt

Blog name: Roots of Kinship
URL: http://rootsofkinship.com
Blogger: Larisa Thomas, San Francisco Bay Area, USA
Twitter id: @RootsofKinship
Dutch surnames: Dulk, Noteboom, Nullmeyer

Blog name: Sand In My Shoes
URL: http://www.sandinmyshoescapecod.blogspot.com
Blogger: Katherine, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Remick

Blog name: Sarah Searches her Roots
URL: http://sarahtishsearches.blogspot.com
Blogger: Sarah Curran Schaal, Pacific Northwest, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Schaal (no proven Dutch connection but shared German roots are possible)

Blog name: Scrapbooking Your Family Tree
URL: http://scrapbookingyourfamilytree.com
Blogger: Monna (Shaw) Davis-Ellithorpe
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Beekman

Blog name: Searchin' for Kinfolk
URL: http://searchinforkinfolk.blogspot.com/
Blogger: Jim Gill, Versailles, KY, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Emmens, Hendrickson, [witness Snyder]

Blog name: Sheetar
URL: http://www.sheetar.com
Blogger: Sheetar
Twitter id: @the_sheetar
Dutch surnames: Dijkema, Fijlstra, Jaarsma, Meijer, de Waal Malefijt

Blog name: Smart Family History
URL: http://www.smartfamilyhistory.com
Blogger: Peterson Brink, the Great Plains, USA
Twitter id: @smartfamhist
Dutch surnames: Brink, DeWolf

Blog name: Story apples
URL: http://www.storyapples.blogspot.com/
Blogger: Jackie, Utah, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van De Riet

Blog name: Tales of an aspiring family historian
URL: http://my100familyhistories.wordpress.com/
Blogger: Emilee Diehl, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Post, Van Winkle

Blog name: Tangled Trees
URL: http://tangledtrees.blogspot.com/
Blogger: Theresa Casteel
Twitter id: @Mzstery
Dutch surnames: Casteel

Blog name: TheAncestorFiles
URL: http://theancestorfiles.blogspot.com
Blogger: Amy T, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: DeFriez, Pettit

Blog name: The Ancestor Hunt
URL: http://www.theancestorhunt.com
Blogger: Kenneth R. Marks, Peoria, AZ, USA
Twitter id: @marksology
Dutch surnames: Heyman (Heijman?), Lutgens (no proven Dutch ancestry for these names)

Blog name: The Art of Genealogy
URL: http://www.theartofgenealogy.com
Blogger: Karin Hadden, Michigan, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Hadden, Jekel

Blog name: The Buff Genealogist
URL: http://buffgenealogist.blogspot.com
Blogger: Chris Wimsatt
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Laenen, Sutphen, Van VorheesVan Zandt

Blog name: The Dead Relative Collector
URL: http://thedeadrelativecollector.blogspot.nl
Blogger: Nicholas Weerts, MN, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Fras, Kleinhans, Kanngiesser (Kannegieter?), Kruse (Kroese?) (Van?) Weerts, all possibly from (also) Ost-Friesland

Blog name: The Family Bible
URL: https://thefamilybibleblog.com/
Blogger: SH
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Holman (Dutch descent not proven)

Blog name: The Family History Fairy
URL: http://familyhistoryfairy.wordpress.com
Blogger: Dochiny Wade, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Zijll de Jong

Blog name: The Family Kalamazoo
URL: http://thefamilykalamazoo.wordpress.com/
Blogger: Luanne, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bomhof, DeKorn, Leeuwenhoek, MulderPaak, Peek, Remijnse, Tazelaar, Zuidweg

Blog name: The Glamorous Genealogist
URL: http://theglamorousgenealogist.blogspot.com
Blogger: The Glamorous Genealogist, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Van Aken/Van Auken, Van Dusen, Van Garden, Van Shaik (Schaik?), Van Slyke, Van Vechten

Blog name: The Last Leaf On This Branch
URL: http://thelastleafonthisbranch.blogspot.com/
Blogger: Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana
Twitter id: @archivalbiz
Dutch surnames: Wersel (Utr)

Blog name: The Mommy Genealogist
URL: http://themommygenealogist.com
Blogger: Camille, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Tolman

Blog name: The Seasons of Time
URL: http://seasonsoftimegoneby.blogspot.com
Blogger: Christine Ruggles, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Vandecar, Van Delor (van de(r) Lo(o)r?)

Blog name: Tim Havenith Family Tree
URL: http://timhavenithfamilytree.blogspot.co.uk
Blogger: Tim Havenith, Melksham, Wiltshire, UK
Twitter id: @TimHavenithFT
Dutch surnames: Magermans, Ackermans

Blog name: TJL Genes: Preserving Our Family History
URL: http://www.tjlgenes.blogspot.com
Blogger: Travis J. LeMaster, Sweetser, IN, USA
Twitter id: @tjlgenes
Dutch surnames: Claessen, Cowenhoven, Groenendyke, Jacobs, Kroezen, Montfoort, Putman, Simons, Snydam, Van Couwenhoven, Van Huysen, VanderVeer

Blog name: Tracing My Family An Up Hill Climb
URL: http://ladyredrider.blogspot.com
Blogger: Lisa, Amish Country, OH, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Dewalt, Huf(f)man, Hof(f)man (there is no proven Dutch ancestry for any of these names)

Blog name: TransylvanianDutch
URL: http://blog.transylvaniandutch.com
Blogger: John Newmark
Twitter id: @TransDutch
Dutch surnames: Burger, Burghart, DeWitt, Van Every, Van Iveren, Van Lieuvin/Van Leevwen

Blog name: Travels Through My Past
URL: http://travelsthroughmypast.blogspot.nl/
Blogger: Liz, CA, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: DeWinter, Mulder

Blog name: Twigs & Branches
URL: http://pegrowe.com
Blogger: PeggyAnn Rowe, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: VanAtta

Blog name: Twigs and Trees
URL: http://twigsandtrees.blogspot.ca
Blogger: Celia Lewis, Vancouver BC, Canada
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Dircksen (m), Dirckx (f) both arriving in New Amsterdam on June 2, 1663 on the ship De Arent; probably they adopted the surname Terwilliger/ Terwillegen/ Tervilleger shortly after. Also Tach, Tack, Van Etten.

Blog name: Unclaimed Ancestors
URL: http://unclaimedancestors.com/
Blogger: Jodi Bash, Houston, TX, USA
Twitter id: @famatfingertips
Dutch surnames: Brinkman, Dittmar, Hageman, Hartman, Horn, Schoneman, Snyder, VanAmburg and Zeller (both no proven Dutch ancestry. VanAmburg may have been Van Hamburg??)

Site name: Vanderhoof Family History Project
URL: http://vanderhoofproject.com/
Owner: Terry, USA
Twitter id: @Vanderhoofproj
Dutch surnames: Vanderhoof (Van der Hoeven), Van Vulpen

Blog name: Walking In Their Footsteps
URL: http://www.montfortfamilyetc.blogspot.com/
Blogger: Barbara Whiteside, Indiana, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bloedgoet, Brinckerhoff, Montfort, Riker, 

Site name: Wandering Through My Roots
URL: http://wanderingthroughmyroots.wordpress.com
Owner: Rene Baron, California, USA
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Gulick, Stevens

Blog name: Who we are...
URL: http://whoweareandhowwegotthisway.blogspot.com
Blogger: Deborah Holman
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Spiegel (sofar surname Holman is of English descent) 

Blog name: Wisteria
URL: http://wisteria-dawn.blogspot.com/
Blogger: Dawn Westfall
Twitter id: 
Dutch surnames: Bolhuis, Katsma (F), Kiel, Molenkamp, Olthof, Timmer (Gr)

Blog name: Zalewski Family Genealogy
URL: http://www.zalewskifamily.net/
Blogger: Brian Zalewski
Twitter id: @brianjz
Dutch surnames: Krebbekx (Z), Van Parijs (Z)

Surnames in red are found in more than one blog.

More American Dutch surnames on the site of the New Netherland Institute.

Update May 18, 2012: addition of ' Tales of an aspiring family historian'.
Update May 20, 2012: addition of 3 surnames to 'Wisteria'
Update May 20, 2012: addition of 'Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog'.
Update May 22, 2012: addition of 'Genea-Musings'.
Update May 23, 2012: addition of 'Family Photo Reunion'.
Update May 23, 2012: addition of 'Nutfield Genealogy'.
Update May 23, 2012: addition of 'Zalewski Family Genealogy'.
Update May 24, 2012: addition of 10 surnames to 'Life From The Roots'
Update May 24, 2012: addition of 'Family History Nuggets'
Update May 25, 2012: addition of 'Our Family History'
Update May 27, 2012: addition of 'Searchin' for Kinfolk'
Update June 7, 2012: addition of 2 surnames to 'TransylvanianDutch'
Update June 19, 2012: addition of 1 surname to 'Life From The Roots'
Update June 22, 2012: addition of 'Branch and Leaf'
Update June 23, 2012: addition of 'DuSyl Family Lore & History'
Update June 25, 2012: addition of 'Consanguinity'
Update July 3, 2012: addition of 'Bastians in Texas'
Update July 4, 2012: addition of 'Travels Through My Past'
Update July 5, 2012: addition of 1 surname to 'Wisteria'
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Update July 29, 2012: addition of 'Interwoven Family'
Update July 30, 2012: addition of 'Twigs and Trees'
Update August 13, 2012: addition of 'Malo Family Genealogy'
Update August 21, 2012: addition of 'Hylbom Family Ancestry Project'
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Update Oct. 3, 2012: addition of 'Jax Trax'
Update Oct. 20, 2012: addition of 'The Ancestor Hunt' 
Update Nov. 14, 2012: addition of 'Kerlen'
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Update Nov. 18, 2012: addition of 'The Family Kalamazoo'
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Update Dec. 3, 2012: addition of 2 surnames to 'DuSyl Family Lore & History'
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  1. Thank you so much for putting this list together. While I have documents putting my ancestors in Utrecht, I have a strong belief that they may have had their origins in the Alsace-Lorraine area. Only time and good research will uncover the truth!

    Dank u voor om deze lijst samen. Terwijl ik heb documenten van mijn voorouders in Utrecht, ik heb een sterke overtuiging dat zij hun oorsprong vinden in Elzas-Lotharingen. Alleen de tijd en een goed onderzoek zal onthullen de waarheid!

  2. Laura, thanks for yr reaction. I had a quick look at the Wersel name in Utrecht and the only thing noteworthy I found is the death of a Louisa Jacoba Wicart on 3/15/1828. She was married to Andries Wersel. The only thing I can say about this is that the name 'Wicart' definitely does not sound Dutch. If anything it sounds French. It would support your assumption somewhat.
    In any case, I'll keep yr message in the back of my mind.

  3. Peter,
    Thank you for putting this list together. What a great idea!
    I have not done a lot of research on my Van Meter line before 1850 but family lore has them arriving in New Jersey in the late 1600's. I hope to some day document that!
    I enjoyed looking at your blog and will visit again!
    Thank you!

  4. Cindy,
    I went thru my cd-rom archive to see whether I have a reference to the Van Meter surname. I found a review of a periodical by the name of The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey. In Volume XXXIII, numbers 1/2. Jan./April 1958 there is an article by Edward J. Raser. It deals with the records of the Dutch Congregations of Freehold and Middletown. In that article the following surnames are mentioned: Provoste, van Pelt, van Dyn, Wykhoof, Snyder, Zutphen, Schenck,van Kerk, van der Bylt, van Meter, van Mater, van Brunt, Covenhoven, Van Cleef,Voorhees, Hyer, van Noortwijk, enz.)
    The review does not mention a year for these records.
    Can you get hold of this periodical, in a library perhaps? Or via http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~njgsnj/genmag.html
    Possibly you are aware of the above. Otherwise I hope it is of some use to you. Succes!

  5. Dank je! I appreciate your mention of my blog. Great idea to put this list together!

  6. I have now mentioned this post on one of the best visited genealogical forums in The Netherlands (https://www.stamboomforum.nl/hulp/0/0). Hopefully it will result in some useful contacts.

  7. Peter,
    Thank you so much! No I'm not aware of the periodical you mention. I will see if I can read it through both the sources you suggested. I'm anxious to see the information it may have!
    Thank you again for your time researching my surname!
    My best to you,

  8. @Jana,
    You told me that you are not aware of any Dutch connection re yr Waterman ancestors. A quick look in a Dutch database (www.genlias.nl) reveals the christening of a Sarah Waterman in Nieuw Amsterdam (NYC) on 3/17/1784. Her parents are Jedediah Waterman and Hannah van Zandt. In yr [Jana´s Genealogy and Family History] blog I read that there is a Waterman/Mayflower connection. A number of the Mayflower people made an intermediate stop in Leiden, The Netherlands. That stop lasted several years. So may be there is something to be found in that direction.
    Please note the Van Zandt name is also mentioned as a Dutch name in the first blog of my list: Ancestrally Challenged.

  9. Peter,

    Thank you so much! I will definitely have to do more research on my Waterman lines to see if they do in fact originate in The Netherlands. Thanks for the information.

  10. I have an ancestor who came to Massachusetts in the 1820s, as a stowaway on a ship bound for the ropewalk in Salem. He was on a ship full of hemp out of Rotterdam. His name was Peter Hoogerzeil (Hogerzeil in the Netherlands). I have a bit of information on the surname, but not on the maiden names associated with this family: Ooms, Van der Ham, Schout[en], Lekkerkerk, Ockers. They mostly lived near Dordrecht and Krimpen aan de Lek. I have some stories about the Hoogerzeils on my blog www.nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com

  11. Heather,
    Thank you for letting me know about your Dutch ancestry. Travelling as a stowaway to a world that is completely unknown to you, it must have been quite an enterprise, certainly in those days! Here the Hoogerzeil name exists both with oo and a single o. Minor, and sometimes not so minor differences in the spelling were no exception in the early part of the 19th century.
    I'll "advertise" the existence of this post as much as I can both on Twitter and on well known Dutch genealogy forums. Hopefully useful contacts will be made.
    Wishing you a lot of succes!

  12. Randy,
    Many thanks for adding this blog post to your blog roll! You have taken care of all the advertising I could wish for.
    Kind regards,

  13. Hi Peter,
    I love this idea of yours. In addition to my Van Woert (listed above), I also have; DOUW, HUYCK, OOTHOUT, RINKHOUT, VAN ANGLEN, VAN DUYN, VAN NESS, VAN NUYSE, VAN WICKLEN, VROOM and WYCKOFF. Thank you for posting these. When I went through my list, I saw that I have a good number of German and French...I really thought they were Dutch! However, the once above are. Thank you. My blog is at http://lifefromtheroots.blogspot.com/http://lifefromtheroots.blogspot.com/

  14. Peter,

    I'd like to be added. My surname is Huigens. I have one great-great-grandfather who was from the Netherlands. His first name was Evert, but I'm not exactly sure how he spelled his surname. My great-grandfather used Huigens and his brother used Haugens. My blog is Family History Nuggets at http://familyhistorynuggets.blogspot.com/

  15. Barbara,

    Thank you for providing the names, have added them to the list. I remember at least one of them from my visits to LA (Van Nuys). Hope Dutch genealogists will contact you.

    Kind regards,

  16. Kevin,

    Your name Huigens has been added to the list. Huigens is a well known name here but it is also written as Huijgens and Huygens. I have seen that the first name Evert appears in Utrecht in the first part of the 19th century in connection with the surname Huygens. Hope you will be contacted by a Dutch Huigens descendant.


  17. Echt een zeer goed idee, Peter. Mocht je hulp nodig hebben, schroom niet om me te mailen.

  18. Dank je Olga, ik zal het in gedachten houden! Maar het is de bedoeling dat men zelf de contacten legt. Ook kan ik natuurlijk niet voor iedereen z'n stamboom gaan uitzoeken maar een algemene vraag beantwoorden, dat moet kunnen. Dus wie weet klop ik nog eens bij je aan. En mocht je tegen buitenlandse sites met Nederlandse voorouders aanlopen, dan mag je die altijd melden, graag zelfs!

  19. I was pleased to learn that I have a great deal of Dutch in my ancestry. All came to Nieuw Amsterdam in the 1600s and I'm always interested in learning more about them. I do not have a relevant blog, but my website is www.doriswheeler.org. Surnames include Cool/Kohl (see Van Ceulen), de Cram, Dircx, Gardenier, Hendrickse, Jans, Carstensen, Ostrander, Metzelaer, Osteroom, Reiniers, Roosa, Van Amersfoort, Van Bloemendahl, Van Ceulen, Van Etten, Van Salee.

  20. Hi Doris,

    Thank you for leaving a comment here and thank you also for following my blog.
    Pse allow me to ask you a question. You mention the names Osteroom and Ostrander. These names do not sound Dutch. Also they do not appear in one of the largest databases here (www.genlias.nl). Are you certain they are Dutch? If so, of course I'll add them to the list.
    In your website http://southworth-southard.blogspot.com/ the name Southard appears. There is a connection with the city of Leyden (Leiden). Do you want me to add that name as well? In the earlier mentioned database there is the marriage in Nieuw Amsterdam (NYC) of Marij Southard and Benjamin Waldron on 2/27/1795.
    I.s.o. of www.doriswheeler.org do you mind if I show http://southworth-southard.blogspot.com/ in my list together with all your other Dutch names?
    Looking forward to your reply,
    Kind regards,

  21. Doris, in addition to my above comment, it is also possible to mention both sites.

  22. Thank you for checking, Peter. As to Ostrom/Oostroom, this is what I have for my immigrant ancestor Hendrick Jansen Oosteroom: "aka van Schalckwyck, 'afterwards called Ostrom, van Oosteroom and van Ostrum.'
    "The identification of 'Oosterom' with 'van Schalckwyck,' here first made, determines the Oosterom ancestor and gives the baptismal dates of two of his children, Jan and 'Trintje. Van Oosterom owned land at Flushing, L. I. (Bergen's Early Settlers, 217), and at Bergen, N. J. (Winfield's Land Titles, 69, 70, 127, 270, 272, 314)." (pub. NYG&B Record, Vol. 40, #3, p. 191.

    Re Ostrander: Pieter Peterzen Ostrander's father was Pieter Carstensen, mother Geestre Jans. He was b. 3 Jul 1657 and baptized in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have this from www.ostrander.org: A Tree of Many Branches":
    "The Pieter(2) Pietersen of Amsterdam who married Rebecca(3) Traphagen [Willem(2), Johannes(1)] on or about 19 January 1679 in Kingston, Ulster County, NY was the son of Pieter(1) Carstensen of Husum (or Nordstrand) and his second wife Geesje Jans of Norden... While Pieter(2) Pietersen was certainly Dutch by birth, language, custom and culture, his father’s origin appears to have been Danish or Frisian as Pieter(1) Cartsensen was first reported to be “of Husum” in 1623 and of the island “of Nordstrand” in 1654. Both communities are now part of Germany but in the 17th century they were part of the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein in the Kingdom of Denmark."

    My Thomas Southard b. 1615 was indeed from Leiden, but we believe his ancestry is English, probably Devon. This is not proven, however, and we are always looking for more information. His DNA matches names Southard, Southwood and Southern. By all means, please add Southard if you think it's appropriate.

    Obviously my understanding of Dutch patronymics and how to represent them is faulty. I would be very grateful for any insight that would help me convey these names better.

    Best regards,

  23. Doris,

    Thank you for your elaborate reaction. I admire your knowledge about Dutch names. There is nothing faulty about that! Impressive. As you will see I have added both names together with all others. It is a long list so I hope you will get a lot of reactions.
    Kind regards,

  24. Another name -- Hendrickson -- to add to your list and my blog -- http://searchinforkinfolk.blogspot.com/2012/03/brick-wall-tumbled-down.html

  25. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have added yours to the list. Also I have taken the liberty of adding the surnames Emmens and Snyder as well. Both are probably Dutch and although Snyder is not related to you, the text in your blog post may give people a clue. I would guess that the Hendrickson name has been "americanized" just a little. In Holland it was probably Hendriks, Hendrikse or Hendriksz.
    In any case I hope you will get some reactions.
    Again, thank you for stopping by.
    Kind regards
    PS If you care to add things to my blog, e.g. city and/or state where you live, a twitter address, please do.

  26. Jim,

    I looked at yr blogger ID and found your domicile which I have now added.


  27. Have added the surname DeWitt to TransylvanianDutch.

  28. Thanks, Peter.

    You might also add Van Lieuvin/Van Leevwen from my wife's surname list.


  29. The Dutch Central Bureau of Genealogy (CBG)have published a book with the title 'Dutch Roots'. It is also available as e-book and that can be ordered at Amazon. Please see http://cbg-migranten.blogspot.nl/2012/06/searching-for-your-dutch-roots.html

  30. Although there is some doubt about the origin of the Ten Eyck surname, have added same to the Life From The Roots entry.

  31. Just found your blog via geneabloggers - thank you for compiling this list!

  32. @ljhlaura
    Thank you! Please see my comment in your own blog http://branchandleaf.wordpress.com/about/

  33. I did not find a comment there, Peter, but thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am enjoying looking through Peter's Blog...

  34. Alas - your comment had been temporarily diverted, but I rescued it. Thank you for stopping by my blog...

  35. @ljhlaura
    Thanks for yr rescuing action, otherwise it might have travelled thru cyberspace forever ;) As you can see I have added your blog Branch and Leaf to this listing. Hope some useful contacts will develop.

  36. Thank you so much for the listing! I was just about to let you know which of the surnames on my list came from the Netherlands, but I see that you have identified them quite correctly already. :-) Appreciate your efforts on this blog ...

  37. Below an exchange of messages between Stacey Bastian (Bastians in Texas) and myself.

    June 30, 2012
    Hi Stacey,
    I "stumbled upon" your blog via Geneabloggers. There you suggested that you have no information as to where your grgrandfather came from.
    When I read the name Bastian, it occurred to me that the name might be a patronymic. In the Netherlands the first name Bastiaan does exist. Also the surname Bastian is well known in Dutch archives. I even found a single entry of the surname Bastain. So I wonder whether you have some Dutch roots somewhere. Any family stories that might point in that direction? If so, I like to include your blog in mine. I am a collector of bloggers with Dutch roots. Please see http://www.patmcast.blogspot.nl/2012/05/dutch-ancestors.html
    I am curious to hear your thoughts about my theory.

    July 1, 2012
    Peter, thank you for your feedback. My problems with my great-grandfather, and the main driving force behind this blog, is that I do not know who his parents are. I have census records showing his parents as being of German birth. You have an interesting theory, and I will keep it in mind. What I have found about the surname Bastian is that most believe it originated in France or Germany, and that many scholars do not agree. I do believe my ancestors came from Germany, but until I find the correct parentage, I cannot go much further. I am definitely going to keep working on it though!

    July 3, 2012
    Stacey, thanks for your reaction and views. Assuming you agree I have included your blog in my a.m. blog including your remark about the census records. The purpose of my blog is to provide Dutch genealogists investigating your name, with a possibility to find "disappeared" ancestors who emigrated to the States centuries ago. Peter

  38. Wow! What a great list of blogs. Thank you for putting this together. I will have to check a few of these out.

  39. Thank you, Brenda and please do.
    The list is still being extended. There are now 68 blogs with a total of 242 surnames.
    Thanks for visiting.

  40. Hi, you are welcome to add my blog to the list: www.fasol.nl.

  41. @Peter,
    This list is intended for blogs of foreigners (non-Dutch) with Dutch roots...

  42. I landed here because my birth name is Van Zante. I've always been told it was a dutch name, but the best part, (or so I was told growing up, I have serious doubts about now), was that it is the last name of my mother's first husband! She kept the name because she liked the way it sounded with her first name, and had a better ring to it than her maiden name. They were married only about a year or two, and I came about 8 years post wedding day. She kept the name Van Zante until she passed away, and I only met the man who's the contributor to my name once when I was about 24 years old, at his mother's funeral. I was very close to her growing up... I am under the impression that Conway is an American name, if not, Irish. Even if I decide not to really investigate the family of my mother's high school sweetheart, this blog and all of your links are very useful! Most of us "caucasian" people seem to be quite the mix of the different white variants, and most definitely, the Dutch pop in to say hello on the DNA ethnicity reports! Thank you again! How awesome are you?

  43. Hi Erin,
    The Van Zante name certainly sounds Dutch. One of the largest Dutch genealogical databases shows over 1,100 hits for your name. I am not an expert on neither American nor Irish names. So I don't know anything about the origin of the Conway surname. If you want to investigate your roots the best method is to collect birthdays and places of your mother, her parents etc. In Holland collecting contemporary data is the difficult part (privacy). But once you get to the early parts of the 20th century things become easier. If you have further questions let me know.

  44. HI My husband is a descendant of Nancy VanEpps b 1878 I have quite a long list of ancestors if you would like to more about the VanEpps

  45. @Ginny, Thanks for visiting my blog. The idea behind it is to enable Dutch persons to connect with (possible) descendants of emigrated people with the same surname. The blog may also be useful for American people to find related persons in the USA. Unfortunately I don't have any VanEpps persons among my ancestors...

  46. I am looking to find ancestory of Oostrom surnames. But unable to get it. Any sites where I can find it.

    1. You have to be a bit more explicit. What info do you already have? In which country do you want to look for this info? What is your purpose? Background of your question, etc.

  47. Hi or Hello, My name is Alecia Puckett, I go by Lisa and mine and my sister's DNA came across as 97% from Amsterdam. Which could be seen in my sister,who has blue eyes and blonde hair with fair skin, but me, I have dk brown hair with green eyes and dk skin. This was always thought that I received from my father's native American roots. As I have further dived back into the past. I have Mariken Meljin who in her second marriage married a Hatfield or a Heifield. These people were from Amsterdam, I think Noord Holland? Any infor? Thank you.... Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa,
      The only person coming close to your Mariken Mejin is one Marijtje Melijn. I only know she was married to one Jan Verhagen. This was prior to 2-2-1754 when Jan remarried again. This took place in the city of Leiden in the province South Holland. That's all I have.


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