Thursday, 26 April 2012

Our aircraft (10)

When I was with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, I kept track of all the aircraft types my wife and I flew in. Hence the title of these posts: our aircraft. During that period I also recorded the number of miles we/I flew. The previous nine posts in this series are in Dutch but I am sure you'll understand the pictures.
To sell our distribution services I travelled a lot to the States in the early nineties. During that time I ran into the following new (to me) aircraft types.
May 15, 1992, McDonnell Douglas MD-88, DL1577, DFW/ATL, 939/378,568 miles
Picture ex Delta.
Sept. 16, 1992, Boeing B737-400, BA427, SPL/LHR, 230/383,191 miles
Picture ex Airlinergallery.
Sept. 16, 1993, Boeing B747-300, KL, SPL/HOU, 5,011/387,891 miles
Picture ex
Around the time I made the trip mentioned above, I apparently lost interest in making notes of the line numbers. So from now on you'll have to do without those (L). On this (above) picture of a KLM B747-300 please note the image of a swan just behind the stretched upper deck. (Please click on the picture to enlarge it.)
Oct. 21, 1993, Lockheed Tristar L-1011, DL, ATL/SPL, 4,393/401,688 miles
Picture by E.M. Chernoff.
During the a.m. flight I passed the 400,000 miles mark.

ATL = Atlanta
BA = British Airways
DFW = Dallas/Fort Worth
DL = Delta
HOU = Houston
LHR = London Heathrow
SPL = Schiphol

The captions mention the date of the first flight with that particular aircraft type, the aircraft type, the airline prefix, the route and the distance and the total number of miles u/i this flight. Unless otherwise mentioned, the picture shows an aircraft of the carrier with which we/I travelled.
To be continued.

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