Saturday, 10 August 2013

Hello Mountain View, do you read me?

Mountain View CA
Image ex Google (click to enlarge)
In the right hand margin of my blog there is a gadget where I can see where my visitors come from. It shows their city name, the state and the national country flag. The gadget does not work for spammers but it does for my more bona fide visitors. The gadget doesn't tell me who my visitors are. I think this is a fun gadget. It is inspiring to see where all your visitors come from.
But sometimes it also makes me curious. Let me explain.
Feedjit gadget
Feedjit visitor record
One of my most loyal readers is a person who lives in Mountain View, CA. I see this city name appear almost every day for months now, if not longer! This person seems to be reading almost every post I have written so far. Of course, it could also be that I have a crowd of fans there. But somehow I don't believe that :)
So, dear reader from Mountain View, I like to be in contact with you. I like to find out where your interest in my blog comes from. Have we been in contact before? I hope you will leave a comment or send me an email at patmiebies at gmail dot com.
I am really looking forward to your reaction!

Update Aug. 11, 2013
Caroline Pointer (@FamilyStories) came up with a likely explanation on Twitter. Please see below. Thanks, also to @clarker.



  1. Grappig, Peter, deze zie ik ook heel vaak langskomen op mijn blogs. Misschien wordt alles wat we doen wel 'gescreend' ;)))
    Daarbij zou ik volgens deze gadget uit Ter Apel komen, is niet zo. Bijna goed ;)

  2. Ja, helemaal precies is die registratie niet. Op vakantie in Frankrijk kwam er zelfs een heel ander departement uit. Misschien wel de plaats van de server??
    En misschien heeft de NSA wel een kantoortje in Mountain View :-)

  3. @Lisa, inderdaad. Er waren een paar naar ik hoop nuttige RT's op Twitter. Dus wie weet...
    Leuk dat je langs kwam!

  4. Hi, Peter. I've been thinking of writing a similar post because I also have a Mountain View visitor. Whoever it is reads current posts and old posts, too. I've wondered if it's a distant family member collecting all of my research. Or maybe I'm being stalked. If you learn something I hope you'll let us know!

  5. Hi Nancy, you are my second reader mentioning the presence of this MV visitor. Some people on Twitter suggested that it might be a robot of some type. But usually they don't show up in feedjit. If I learn anything on this I'll mention it here. Tks for visiting.

  6. Google HQ is in Bergzicht, misschien checken ze je blog om te kijken of er geen verboden zaken op staan, of om je straks advertenties aan te praten.

  7. @Rob, you may very well be right! The Google Inc. address is 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Mountain View, CA 94043. But still, why the interest? So far I've had no offers :)

  8. Well it's not me Peter, I'm the one from Las Palmas, Canarias (apparently, though I'm actually in Lanzarote). It will be interesting to see what comes up.

  9. There is just one Little Nell and I know she doesn't even want to live in Mountain View! :)
    But the riddle has been solved. It is Google indexing our blogs... A kind of Big Brother watching us. But what's new since PRISM?
    Take care!

  10. Een interessant gegeven, big brother is watching us, zelfs op blogspot.


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