Friday, 15 March 2013

Sepia Saturday - Goodbye

Sepia Saturday 168
Dear Sepians:

Are we looking at a press conference here? Maybe so. In any case it provides me with an obvious reason to tell you why I no longer contribute to the weekly SS fun.  To cut a long story short, I feel it consumes too much of my time. Writing my piece is one thing, visiting and commenting on the blogs of an increasing number of participants is another. And I loved doing that, paying all these visits. It is great to see how bloggers from all over the world interpret the weekly themes put together by a very enthusiastic team. But the fact remains that I have too little time left to do the other things I like to do as well. There is this pile of  books I have to read and there is my other hobby genealogy* requiring my attention. I also wanted to start a new blog  related to Dutch language matters. (That materialized in the meantime.) In order to avoid that some of my family members believe that I am glued to my pc, I decided to make an end to my my SS addiction. A few weeks ago I informed Marilyn of this. But I feel I owe you a little explanation as well. 
Therefor, I like to thank you for reading my blog and for all your comments. And of course I am very grateful to Alan, Kate and Marilyn for all their efforts to make Sepia Saturday the success it is!

PS Nothing will stop me from making the occasional visit so don't be surprised if you see my name pop up here or there.

* Genealogy is the art of hanging dead people in a tree.


  1. I hear what you're saying, Peter. My own family research needs some more attention too. I find that the weekly prompts USUALLY fit my family history efforts rather well, so I keep at it. But you're right, visiting the ever-growing number of participants can be time-consuming if you're committed to calling on each one. There are many who don't visit me, so if I miss them here and there, I don't worry about it. I hope you'll check the weekly prompt and if it relates to what you're doing, you'll post. In the meantime I'll miss your witty comments, my friend.

  2. Wendy, thank you very much for your kind words. I'll certainly drop in every now and then, no doubt about that. So until we meet again, said Vera Lynn and I'll join her in her words.

  3. Peter, I'm sure you saw that Alan did indeed inform all SS participants through the weekly call. I also told the Facebook group and their reaction was similar to mine. We all felt we'd miss you, but we understand. To reiterate Wendy's comment, we hope you'll pop in from time to time (and we will do so with you).

  4. I was happy to see your post today, and I completely understand what you are saying, and agree myself. I look forward to seeing you pop on one of my posts too, I noticed you about already on other blogs and that was good to know that your humor is still about! It was always good fun to read your posts, and it's especially kind of you to leave such a nice comment of why and what you are doing, because it's true we bloggers do get attached to our favorite bloggers and we worry if we think something might have happened. I'm one who does follow you on blogger so I can continue to catch what ever and when ever you post! Enjoy your world, on and off the PC!

  5. I was pleased to see your name on the participants' lost again, Peter. I know what you mean about time to visit and comment on blogs - I don't usually finish until Sunday afternoon. Keep popping in.

  6. Best of luck with your other projects, and we look forward to seeing you again as and when you find the opportunity to drop in.

  7. I understand, I struggle to post a Sepia Saturday every week but I have decided to treat it as another blogging prompt, albeit a fun one, and just post when I can combine it with some relevant family history.
    I hope you can do the same sometimes as I enjoy your posts.

  8. I can certainly understand that the visiting and commenting is getting too time consuming. I still am having fun doing my Sepia posts, but I haven't been writing any other posts on my postcardy blog lately. I have been wondering if I should keep trying to visit and comment on all or most of the posts when it is obvious that a lot of participants aren't doing that.

  9. Peter, I know just what you mean! I'm having some of the same feelings. I have enjoyed your posts and comments. I'll be checking to see what you are writing about your ancestors.

  10. @All
    Many thanks for all your understanding comments. I am not going to promise that I'll pop in very soon but one (Satur)day I'll be there. Thanks again!

  11. If nothing else, make sure you return for Auntie Miriam Day next year. You invented it after all.

  12. Respect Peter.I Share Many of Your Thoughts.But,please do visit when you can.Regards.

  13. What I have enjoyed most about Sepians is our shared enthusiasm and curiosity for the forgotten details of history, whether old family snapshots or antique photos of unknown strangers. Thank you for introducing us to your fascinating collection of family and regional photos. I hope, when time permits, that you will still occasionally offer some wit and insight to the Sepia Saturday mix.

  14. @Alan
    Don't worry, Auntie Miriam is in my thoughts and in my agenda as well.

    I will but will keep in touch via Twitter also.

    I share your thoughts about the forgotten details etc. That's a large part of the "fun". But I like to thank you too for the way you introduced me to the world of orchestra's etc. I still hope that one day you will have them published!

    Goodbye all.

  15. Please let me know Peter when you have your blog about the Dutch language ready. I'd love to read that too.
    Good luck with your genealogy, I know myself how much time is involved in " Hanging the dead on a tree", lol.

  16. Sepia Saturday just won't be the same for me now that your wonderful and witty comments will be missing in action.
    But I certainly understand your dilemma. This is a very time consuming hobby and it keeps you from doing so many other things. Here it is Monday afternoon and I'm only halfway through reading all the posts.
    Will miss you a lot.

  17. @Nancy
    Thanks for your very kind words but don't worry, the world will keep on turning :)


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