Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sepia Saturday - Oohlala & LG

I like to thank Alan for providing us with a beautiful picture of two young ladies named Lala Williams and Elgie Crook. However, he is trying to seduce us to do some googling and find out more about these two children. But I don't fall for that trap.  It will no doubt lead me into all kinds of interesting views and thoughts and I have had it with that! Intellectual challenges, not for me, not this week! The only associations I will allow myself with regard to these two, are a sense of oohlala and LG, the Korean electronics giant. I estimate that your SS-interest in electronics is next to nil.  And sharing my wildest oohlala-feelings with you might result in this blog being put in a mature content section. Therefore, my choice this week is a very ordinary, run-of-the-mill photograph of my mother and her younger sister.
De Langen
Johanna Huberta de Langen (*1917) (l) and
her sister Theodora Gerarda (1921-1996)
I estimate this (summer?) picture was taken in 1923 possibly on the occasion of Thea's second birthday in July. The most likely place is The Hague.
For more daring interpretations of this week's theme, you may have a look at the Sepia Saturday site.


  1. What a darling photo! Love the hat too. Which cute little girl is your mother?

  2. Oh my! I have been remiss and will have to Google away. That is a very charming photograph.

  3. @Jana
    The girl on the left.
    Alan will be satisfied with you :)

    Thank you for dropping in so early!

  4. That is "no ordinary, run of the mill photograph", but a lovely part of your family heritage - it is gorgsous - love their costumes.

  5. That white outfit certainly gives off a ghostly glow! LOL Persil washes whiter, and is shows?!

  6. Two beautiful young ladies. (Brought to us in this electronic age.)

  7. @ScotSue
    Of course I was just kidding :)
    No commercials please ;)

    Thank you for your comments!

  8. Your photo looks like a young princess Juliana playing with her doll... She wasn't that intellectual, it fits you theme.

  9. Your mother seems to be holding a little whip or a leash or ... The little sister does not look alarmed so all must be well.

  10. @Rob
    I know!
    To prevent little children from running away, I can remember a kind of leash that was held by an older child or parent. I think that is what you see.

    Thank you for visiting.

  11. What beautiful sisters -- definitely smooch-worthy.

  12. Peter, there's no way that this could be described as ordinary and run of the mill. Beautiful children both, but the younger sister appears to be giving off a 'radioactive' glow. How did she do that?

  13. Such a beautiful photo of your mother and aunt. You're lucky to still have such a treasure. You seem to have a wonderful archive of your family memories. How do you organize and store them?

  14. The younger sister looks like a porcelain doll. Beautiful family photo.

  15. I always enjoyed your good-hearted sense of humor! It's just delightful! They are an adorable pair in your photo too. I am curious though about if there is more of a story (like a really good one) behind Alan's girls, but so far my checking (not too deep) but I tried didn't bring up much! No one so far has added anything yet either! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. A beautiful photo of sisters, Peter. Also a good example of the way older fashions changed between the toddler child to the young girl.

  17. What cute, sturdy little girls! Priceless picture and fun post.

    You asked about Windows 8? Our helper set up our desktop and I just point and click away. The rest baffles me.

    Kathy M.

  18. @Little Nell
    Don't know where the glow comes from, probably some overexposure.
    Good question! It is not as organized as it may seem. A large part is in shoe boxes, another part is in albums owned by my mother and a relatively small part is archived and described per family. There I "store kids" in the folder of their parents until they start a new family, at least that is the principle.
    I can tell you she was everything but porcelain, she was a strong woman.
    @Karen S
    I read a few posts where people did some successful digging!
    You are right. For things like children's clothing, wedding dresses etc. there should be databases with pictures to facilitate dating of same. I can see a future project...
    @Kathy M
    With a new version I always worry that a familiar environment is no longer there.

    Thank you all for your (weekly) visit!

  19. Sorry, I'm so late, Peter.

    Now let me share a bit of word-association I am having.

    This little tune from my childhood came flying back to mind upon looking at the photo of your mother and her sister:

    Oh, I'm a little Dutch girl
    A Dutch girl, a Dutch girl
    Oh, I'm a little Dutch girl
    A Dutch girl, I am.

    (This can be sung to the tune of "Did You Ever See a Lassie", as childhood song-writers apparently were not very inventive.)

    It is an adorable photo, and one I would hold very dear, if I were you.


  20. @Kat
    No need to say sorry, Kat. Your comments are welcome anytime.
    I am sorry but the song you are quoting is unknown to me. It is the same with the story of little Hans Brinkers. It is well known in the US & Canada and completely unknown here...

  21. Very cute! I spotted the "reins" - my Mum used them on us when we were out in busy places. Love the wrinkly tights too :-) Jo

  22. Lovely picture, and if you change your mind about the oh-la-la, I'm game!!!


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