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Grandma's Bible

Certainly in the spirit my maternal grandmother Antje Doelman (1892-1984) was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church, the prevailing religion in the areas of her roots. The Doelman family originates in the Maasland area which is situated west of Rotterdam. Her mother, Huibertje Aartje Barendregt (1867-1901) came from the island of Rozenburg where the family owned a farm called Brielzicht. Rozenburg is long since swallowed by the Port of Rotterdam's greedy need for more and more land. Only connoisseurs of local history may recognize certain remains of the island.
The Doelman-Barendregt family with my grandmother at the right.
Based on the activities of the photographer in Rotterdam, the date of death of Huibertje and the estimated age of Antje, the picture must have been made around 1899
My great-grandmother died on April 10, 1901 just 34 years old. Needless to say this made an everlasting impression on her husband but certainly also on her kids. Her eldest, my grandma, was nearly 9 years old...
One of the things that was very dear to her, was a Bible printed in 1870.

I believe it belonged to her mother Huibertje Aartje Barendregt. On one of the cover pages my grandmother wrote a few words in remembrance of her mother.

In remembrance of my beloved Mother Huibertje Aardje Barendregt Doelman. Departed 10 April 1901 in Rotterdam
Front page 
The Bible was published by the Dutch Bible Company (Nederlandsche Bijbel-Compagnie) both in Amsterdam and in Haarlem in 1870. The publisher stipulates that it has been printed in accordance with the current language and spelling. The original texts date from 1618 and 1619 when church leaders had a national meeting (synode nationaal) in Dordrecht. Including all Psalms, Hymns and the Catechism, there are 1733 pages in this Bible.
My grandma had yet another Bible with many remarks about her family written in it. But that is something for a future post.


  1. A wonderful keepsake to be treasured Peter. We have something in common, as my own great grandmother died a year after yours, at the age of only 32! She too left three children under the age of ten, one of whom was my grandfather. It must have been a very common occurrence in those days, and it certainly did leave a lasting impression on my grandfather and his brother and sister.

  2. It was also not uncommon in those days for the widower to remarry. And my gr-grandfather did that as well and less than a year after his first wife died. Today that may seem a little quick but in those days, with 3 small kids, it was almost an economic necessity. You can see a picture of both ladies here . The post is written in Dutch.
    Many thanks for your comments!

  3. Peter, your family Bible is certainly a treasure. That is too bad that she died so young. The family photo is beautiful, and I'm sure glad that made the time to get it taken.

    Kathy M.

  4. Thank you Kathy and I certainly cherish the picture of my grandmother. When I was a little boy I never thought about my grandma as a little girl which is silly of course but still. In my imagination grannies were old and grey. So I am happy to have this photo.

  5. Family bibles are family history books. Notes were made in them like birth, marriage and death notes. A bit like a diary really. You really have some oldies there.
    I have a little psalm book with gilted edges, which belonged to my great grandmother, but no personal notes are in that one.


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