Sunday, 16 September 2012

Comment moderation

Ever since I switched off word verification (captcha's) a few weeks ago, my blog seems to be flooded with undesired comments. I have indications that they are of Russian origin.  In the picture below I consider all comments for Peter's blog as being spam (and that's not canned meat :))
If you follow the link, it doesn't show up in my blog so it really is all rubbish.
However, word verification prevents people from commenting and I agree with them, that method may be effective but it irritates like you know what. So instead I have now enabled comment moderation.
Unfortunately that will result in the display of your comments being delayed, but so be it. I'll handle them as quickly as I can. I hope you can live with this.


  1. Comment moderation is good, word verification isn't as you so rightly say. I use comment moderation and this enables me to publish, delete or mark as spam. Blogger seems to detect spam better and sticks it in your spam folder, where you can check it. One word of warning, I have twice deleted genuine comments when using the iPad as the 'publish', and 'delete' buttons are so close together. The same happens when you back up your blog as the 'export blog' and 'delete blog' are so close together. You do know how to back up your blog don't you? I am grateful to Christine who alerted us all some weeks ago and now I back up regularly.

  2. When it comes to redacting text I am not an IPad adept. To the contrary. So I blog exclusively on my pc. But thanks for your warning anyway. And no, I don't know how to back up my blog. All I do is producing a pdf every once in a while via Ctrl P. But if you can enlighten me, please do!


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