Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sepia Saturday 136 - Sporting photographs

Voor de Nederlandse tekst, zie na de Engelse tekst.
A few weeks ago I decided to join the Sepia Saturday people Kay Mortensen and Alan Burnett. They came up with the idea of putting old pictures in the limelight. 'Old' in this respect is to be regarded as a broad notion. Not only sepia coloured pictures qualify, coloured ones do as well. So I started with a post about my maternal grandparents on July 14 last. A week later I highlighted my mothers teenage hobby of collecting movie star postcards by portraying Dolly Haas.
Having written these two posts it dawned on me that Kay's and Alans idea entails more than just digging in ones own shoebox and write something about an arbitrary picture. An important part of their idea is that they come up with a weekly prompt. Their Sepia followers should then dig in their own shoeboxes trying to find an image to suit the occasion. So while I will continue with my own sepia series I like to join the Sepia followers as well. 
This weeks prompt is all about sports. After all, today is the first full day of the 2012 London Olympics.

I had to go through quite a number of albums and shoeboxes before I finally found the photo below. I saw scores of pictures of weddings, diners, babies etc. etc. But sports pictures are rare, at least in our family. Therefore, I am relieved to be able to present this one. It shows our son when he was 9 or 10 years old playing soccer. 
Son Robert cleverly avoiding opponents in Amstelveen, 1977.
He is the one playing the ball in this match between his club DVH (De Vliegende Hollanders meaning The Flying Dutchmen) and rival NEA from neighbouring Ouderkerk a/d Amstel. At that time DVH was the club for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines staff and family. When he started playing tennis, his promising soccer career ended shortly afterwards, around 1980 I guess.

Een paar weken geleden ben ik gestart met de Sepia Saturday serie. Sepia staat dan voor 'oude zwart/wit foto'. Die oude foto's hadden immers die mooie bruine, sepia tint. Het idee van deze serie komt van twee Amerikanen. Nadat ik op 14 en 21 juli mijn sepia nrs. 1 en 2 had geblogd, kwam ik er achter dat het (ook) de bedoeling was om een door Kay en Alan aangedragen onderwerp zo mogelijk van een foto te voorzien. Dat doen ze nu al voor de 136e keer/week! En deze zaterdag, de dag waarop de Olympische Spelen in Londen pas echt van start gaan, is de uitdaging om een sportfoto uit de familie te vinden. En dat valt nog niet mee. Genoeg foto's van trouwerijen, familiefeestjes en babies maar van sport, ho maar. Het lijkt wel of dat vroeger niet mocht. Het zal toch geen gevolg zijn van onze Calvinistische opvoeding?? Maar hoe dan ook, gelukkig heb ik er nog eentje gevonden met zoonlief in een glansrol. Hij is al slalommend aan de bal tegen NEA uit Ouderkerk a/d Amstel. Zijn "cluppie" was toen DVH, De Vliegende Hollanders, de voetbalvereniging van de KLM in Amstelveen. Voetballen doet hij inmiddels niet meer, wel tennis.


  1. Whether you follow the theme or not your contributions are always very welcome Peter. It is great to have you as a part of Sepia Saturday.

  2. Thank you Alan, I am proud to be a member of the Sepia Saturday crowd! And following your themes is quite a challenge which I like to meet. Besides, it revives my memories of what is in my shoeboxes :)

  3. I am glad you joined in. Can't wait for your next posts!

  4. @Prenter I'll try not to disappoint you ;) Wasn't aware of your blog but now I am. You have a new follower! (And not because...)

  5. Like you, I always fear I won't have pictures to match the theme, but the challenge is the fun. I also like that we have members from so many different places. We're a regular Olympic Village every Saturday.

  6. My sons were never very keen on me watching them play football so I have no photos like yours.
    Your photos don't have to match the theme; you can create a very tenuous link and sometimes these are the best.

  7. @Wendy Right you are, participating is important and every contribution is worth a medal ;)

    @Bob Thanks for your advice, I'll regard the themes with the necessary creativity.

  8. So glad that you have joined us, Peter! Great post, and I am your newest follower.

    Kathy M.

  9. Welcome Peter. Wendy is right about using creativity and interpretation skills for your post. It will be great to have you in the group. I have one other blog buddy from your country and I love it. Great job.

  10. Nice to see you back again. You are now a true Sepia Saturdian. You will find the shoebox habit hard to kick!

  11. Welcome, so happy that you discovered Sepia Saturday! Your photos are excellent.

  12. @Kathy M. Thanks for following my blog, much appreciated!
    Had a look at yours and saw some very nice pictures there, real beauties! I'll keep an eye on you ;)

  13. @QMM, @Little Nell, @Karen S.
    Thank you all for your kind words. I hope to live up to your expectations!

  14. I agree Peter. I have been participating for a few months and I enjoy the challenge of meeting the weekly theme and sharing old photos with others.
    PS. I am going to struggle with this weekend!

  15. @Sharon
    Re yr PS: So am I! Therefor I have thought of an alternative :-)


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